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Sole Source Notices

Posted Date Sole Source No. Status Vendor Name Description Amount Comments
05/10/2022 JS22-20   JUSTICE AV SOLUTIONS (JAVS) To allow litigants to connect and present from laptops. Install law table inputs in Hilo Courtroom 2B. Install law table inputs in Hilo Courtroom 3C. $11,675.60  
05/09/2022 JS22-19   JUSTICE AV SOLUTIONS (JAVS) Install splitter and extra microphone at law tables in each of Third Circuit’s courtrooms. $15,360.07 CANCELLED
05/09/2022 JS22-18   JUSTICE AV SOLUTIONS (JAVS) Install wireless microphone combo for Hilo Courtroom 2B. $3,069.15  
05/09/2022 JS22-17   JUSTICE AV SOLUTIONS (JAVS) Install backup server for courtroom recording systems. $4,282.53  
04/07/2022 JS22-16   NEOGOV NEOGOV ONBOARD and
03/23/2022 JS22-13   NEOGOV NEOGOV ONBOARD and
$51,908.16 CANCELLED
03/23/2022 JS22-14   Oracle Oracle software maintenance. PeopleSoft Enterprise Profile (Employee Count Perpetual), PeopleSoft Enterprise EProfile (Manager – Employee Count Perpetual), PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources – (Employee Count Perpetual). $85,927.06  
03/08/2022 JS22-10   Justice AV Solutions (JAVS) Hilo’s grand jury room requires a JAVS audio video recording system.  $64,135.84  
02/15/2022 JS22-08   Integrated Information Systems, Inc. d/b/a Intresys Discovery phase for integration between the ODR portal and JIMS. $8,000  
05/14/2021 JS21-17   Carrier Corporation Replace the defective LF1 VFD and upgrade to the LF2 VFD for the Carrier 460ton chiller-1. Includes new LF2 VFD w/h internal line reactor, and related hardware/software components, eductor oil reclaim upgrade, ICVC upgrade. Includes; refrigerant recover, electrical power supply modifications, sheet metal work for electrical cabinet cover, shipping, disposal, start up, programming, commissioning and service engineering support. $135,673.24  
05/12/2021 JS21-18   Hawthorne Pacific Corp. Annual service and load bank testing for Caterpillar backup generator at Hilo Judiciary Complex (HJC). $3,682.68  
03/25/2021 JS21-14   Oracle Oracle software maintenance $82,448.18