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Document Drop-off (an online service)


Document Drop-off is a new online service developed in response to COVID-19 to provide the public with a safe and convenient alternative to submit documents to the court without personal interaction.

Document Drop-off makes it possible to submit an electronic copy of a document to the reviewing court. The submitted document does not automatically become a part of the official court record upon submission. The use of the online Document Drop-off service is strictly voluntary.

As of Monday, April 25, 2022, Document Drop-off is disabled for the Second (County of Maui) and Fifth (County of Kaua`i) Judicial Circuits.

 How to Use the Document Drop-off Service

To use this free service, a user must register for a JEFS account, have an email address and be able to submit a document in PDF format.

The following JEFS account holders may use this service:

    • Any member of the public who has court business and is not an attorney.
    • Self-Represented Litigants (SRL). Any person who is a party to a case and who does not have an attorney. The SRL may not use Document Drop-off for case documents if they are already electronically filing documents for their case. The SRL may use Document Drop-off for any documents which are not required to be filed in their case, such as documents for other court business.
    • Attorneys and their staff who are not required to electronically file in JEFS (Judiciary Electronic Filing System).
  • Document Drop-0ff Frequently Asked Questions
  • Register/Login to JEFS

NOTE: This is only a digital delivery service and not an official filing for court records. While Document Drop-off uses the Judiciary Electronic Filing (JEFS) online platform, it does not replace official filing. All JEFS account holders such as attorneys, firm staff, and self-represented litigants are still required to follow the Hawaii Electronic Filing and Service Rules for electronic filing in traffic, criminal, and civil cases.

Not all courts and locations will be available for all users; for example, attorneys will have Family Court options for Hawai`i Island.

The documents submitted through Document Drop-off are not available online unless the document is electronically filed to the court case record by the Court staff. Documents officially filed into the court case record will be reflected in the case record online (see eCourt Kokua). Users should check that the case record has been appropriately updated online, and allow time for the Court to do so.

Register/Login to JEFS

Document Drop-off User Guide

System Availability:

Monday to Saturday – 4:30 a.m. to midnight, Hawaii Standard Time (HST)
Sunday – noon to midnight, Hawaii Standard Time (HST)