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eCourt* Kokua


The online document purchasing will be down for maintenance from
2 p.m. Friday, June 28, to 7:45 a.m. Monday, July 1.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

***All payments are non-refundable***

Accessing Cases on eCourt* Kokua

Court Case Types Available in eCourt Kokua

The following court cases are available on eCourt Kokua:

  • Traffic Court
  • District Court, Circuit Court, and Family Court Criminal
  • District Court, Circuit Court, and Family Court Civil
  • Land Court and Tax Appeal Court
  • Intermediate Court of Appeals
  • Supreme Court
How To Access Old Cases with the New ID Format on eCourt Kokua

Very old migrated cases may have Case IDs comprised of one to five digits.

To search in JIMS / JEFS / eCourt Kokua you must add the Circuit, Case Type and leading zeroes for a total of 12 alpha/numeric characters.

Include a single numeric digit for the Circuit (1-First Circuit, 2-Second Circuit, 3-Third Circuit, 5-Fifth Circuit).

  • Example: 8 –> 1CU000000008, 12345 –> 1PC000012345

For other migrated cases, the entire Case ID up to 12 alpha/numeric characters must be entered, without hyphens, when searching by Case ID in JIMS / JEFS / eCourt Kokua.

Include the first numeric digit for the Circuit (1-First Circuit, 2-Second Circuit, 3-Third Circuit, 5-Fifth Circuit).

Note:  New two-digit Case Types in JIMS/JEFS are presented in the examples below.  Land Court and Tax Appeal Court cases always begin with “1” such as 1LD or 1TX.

Criminal Case Examples

CR-15-1-5678 –> 1PC151005678 
FCCR-15-1-1234 –> 2FC151001234  
1FCCR-16-1-2345 –> 1FC161002345 
3PC-15-1-123–> 3PC151000123

District Court Civil Case Examples

RC-16-1-123 –> 1RC161000123  
SC-16-1-456 –> 2SC161000456  
SS-16-1-789 –> 2SS161000789  
SN-16-1-123 –> 3SN161000123  
SD-16-1-456 –> 5SD161000456

Circuit Court Civil Case Examples

CIV-16-1-123 –> 1CC161000123  
SP-16-1-456 –> 2SP161000456  
ML-16-1-789 –> 3ML161000789  
SPP-16-1-123 –> 5PR161000123  
LAW-00-0-16384 –> 1LW000016384

Estate and Probate Case in Circuit Court Examples

EQ-00-0-932 –> 1EQ000000932 
G-16-1-123 –> 2LG161000123  
P-16-1-456 –> 3LP161000456  
SE-16-1-789 –> 5SE161000789  
SG-16-1-123 –> 1SG161000123  
TR-16-1-456 –> 2TR161000456  
T-16-1-789 –> 3TS161000789  
C-16-1-123 –> 5CP161000123  
CG-16-1-456 –> 1CG161000456 

Land Court and Tax Appeal Court Case Examples

LD-16-1-123 –> 1LD161000123 
TX-16-1-456 –> 1TX161000456 

Family Court Civil Case Examples

See First Circuit Examples

See Third Circuit Examples

CU-22-1-456 -> 2CU221000456   
UF-22-1-700 -> 2UF221000700   
AA-22-1-789 -> 2AA221000789  
PA-22-1-012 -> 5PA221000012 
DV-00-0-7128 -> 2DV000007128 
5CU20-1-3 -> 5CU201000003 
5DV21-1-111 -> 5DV211000111 

In JIMS/JEFS, criminal cases created starting 01/23/17 and civil cases created starting 10/07/19 can be searched by entering the full case ID with hyphens in the format of:

Circuit No (1 digit), Circuit / District / Family  indicator (1 character), Case Type (2 characters), dash, Year (2 digits), dash, sequence number (7 digits, you may omit leading zeroes)


1CPC-17-0000001 — 1CPC-17-0000001 or 1CPC-17-1 
1CCV-19-0000001 — 1CCV-19-0000001 or 1CCV-19-1 
1FDV-22-0000001 — 1FDV-22-0000001 or 1FDV-22-1

Frequently Asked Questions
eCourt Kokua Codes

How to Access Documents on eCourt* Kokua

Public, Confidential and Older Documents

Public case documents are generally available for regular copies, with a file stamp, or certified copies, with certified stamp, on eCourt Kokua. Please note:

  • If there is no PDF icon displayed on the docket entry in eCourt Kokua, then the document is not available online.
  • Confidential cases and sealed documents are not available on eCourt Kokua.
  • Older case documents are not available in eCourt Kokua:
  • District Court civil cases: no documents filed prior to October 7, 2019
  • Circuit Court civil cases: no documents filed prior to October 28, 2019
  • Land Court and Tax Appeal Court cases: no documents filed prior to November 18, 2019
  • Family Court civil cases: no documents filed prior to April 25, 2022


Hard Copy Document Request and View Access from the Courthouse

Hard copies may be requested by contacting the following courthouses:

Hard Copy Costs

  • Individual documents, from 1-30 pages, cost a flat rate of $3.
  • For document exceeding 30 pages, each additional page costs $.10.

Public Access to View Documents

  • Most courthouses have public access terminals for viewing documents on-screen at no charge.
  • To find locations of public kiosk use the contact links above.
Purchasing Documents/Subscriptions Online
***All Payments are non-refundable***

Please note: If you are a party to a case, do not buy an online subscription to access documents in your case.  Instead, register to become a Judiciary Electronic Filing Service System user (JEFS user) so that you can e-file and access the documents in your case at no charge.

Purchasing Documents 

Individual publicly available documents may be purchased through eCourt Kokua by clicking on the document PDF icon on the case dockets tab.

  • Individual documents from 1-30 pages cost a flat rate of $3.
  • Documents exceeding 30 pages, will cost 10 cents for each additional page.

Purchasing a Subscription

If you plan to download documents frequently, you might want to consider becoming a subscriber which entitles you to unlimited downloads of digital public records, as indicated with a PDF icon. Subscriptions are purchased for a specified period of time (quarterly or yearly):

IMPORTANT:  Subscription purchases are non-refundable. Do not subscribe unless you are sure you want a subscription.

  • Quarterly subscriptions cost $125.
  • Yearly subscriptions cost $500.

Click the link, for instructions on purchasing a document subscription.

JEFS users (attorneys or firm staff, and self-represented litigants who have registered to become JEFS users) may view/print all available documents for cases in their Manage My Cases/Firm Cases function. There is no cost to access them. However, if you plan to download documents for cases to which you are not a party, then you may want to consider becoming a document subscriber (see above for cost information).

eCourt* Kokua Help

Available Hours of eCourt Kokua

Monday to Saturday – 4 a.m. to midnight Hawaii Standard Time (HST) 
Sunday – noon to midnight (HST)

eKokua availability

Browser & Network Recommendations for eCourt Kokua

eCourt Kokua supports the two most recent major versions of the following browsers:

  • Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Chrome (Google)
  • Firefox (Mozilla)
  • Safari (Apple)
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
  • IE (Microsoft, until Jun-2022)

While mobile versions of Chrome, Safari, and native Android browsers may work, support is limited to desktop clients.

Supported PDF software:

  • Acrobat Reader 2020 or higher
  • Acrobat Standard 2017 or higher
  • Acrobat Pro 2020 or higher

Some businesses or routers may block internet traffic on ports like 8080, on its own line. Please contact your IT support if you are unable to access

Users encountering problems with the CAPTCHA feature on the Disclaimer page should refer to the operating system and browser version recommendations above.

Contact eCourt Kokua

For questions call 808-539-4909 Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except holidays, or email your question to

*Disclaimer: The Hawaii Judiciary is not affiliated with Sustain Technologies, Inc. or with eCourt, which is a registered trademark of Sustain Technologies, Inc.