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Water has been restored and the Kapolei Courthouse will be open today, May 24.

Office of the Administrative Director of the Courts

The Office of the Administrative Director of the Courts has the primary responsibility for the daily operations of the court system. The administrative director is appointed by the chief justice with the approval of the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court and is assisted by the deputy administrative director.

The administrative director also has the responsibility of coordinating the Judiciary’s annual presentations to the Legislature, both for the Judiciary budget and for changes in laws relating to the operation of the judicial system.

The director’s offices include the following departments: Intergovernmental and Community Relations, Policy and Planning, Support Services, Human Resources, and Equal Employment Opportunity.

The Intergovernmental and Community Relations Department includes the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Children’s Justice Center, Judiciary History Center, Law Library, Office on Equality and Access to the Courts, Office of the Public Guardian, Communications and Community Relations Office, Staff Attorney and Volunteers in Public Service to the Courts.

The Policy and Planning Department includes the Budget/Statistics/Capital Improvement Programs, Internal Audit, Legislative Coordination/Special Projects Office, Planning and Evaluation, and Repair and Maintenance Office.

The Support Services Department includes the Admin Fiscal Office, Financial Services Division, and the Information and Technology and Communications Division.

The Human Resources Department includes the Administrative Services Branch, Classification and Pay Branch, Employee Services Branch, Labor Relations Branch, Recruitment and Examination Branch, Workers’ Compensation Branch, and the Judicial Education and Resource Development Program.

The administrative director of the courts is Rodney Maile. The deputy administrative director is Brandon M. Kimura. They can be reached at 808-539-4900, 417 S. King St., Room 206A, Honolulu, HI 96813.

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