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Jury Service

Notice to Prospective Jurors:

Face coverings are optional in all Judiciary courthouses. In consideration of the health and safety of all those who enter the courthouses, the Judiciary encourages individuals to refer to the Centers for Disease Control’s Updated Respiratory Virus Guidance as well as the state of Hawai’i, Department of Health’s How to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 for guidance and information.

The Jury Pool Office phone numbers are as follows:
First Circuit (Oʻahu): 808-539-4360 
Second Circuit (Maui County): 808-244-2757 or 1-800-315-5879
Third Circuit (Hawaiʻi Island): 808-961-7646
Fifth Circuit (Kauaʻi): 808-482-2349

“The common sense of twelve honest men gives a still better chance of just decision than any other method of trial.”
      – Thomas Jefferson


The jury is the very foundation of the American judicial system. The Constitution of the United States guarantees each citizen a right to trial by jury, and as a potential juror, you have an opportunity to play an essential role.

For many people, jury service is the most direct, hands-on involvement in government they will ever experience. It is also rewarding to know that by serving on a jury, you are serving the community in which you live. For more information on jury service, please check the Jury Frequently Asked Questions (see links under “About Jury Service”).

If you have received a jury summons in the mail, you are obligated to report for jury service. The dates and times for reporting to jury duty are updated regularly. Check the new on-line jury application, eJuror, for updated instructions and any updated information after 5:00 pm on the business day before your scheduled date. You may also call the jury information line.

To get an update using eJuror, you will need to know the court jurisdiction and your participant number from your summons. For an update using the Juror information line, please have your summons available.

System Availability

Monday to Saturday – 4 a.m. to midnight
Sunday – noon to midnight

Jury Online Information (eJuror)

 Online information is currently available for all circuits via eJuror.

Jury Videos

If you are unable to play mp4 files, you may want to consider installing an open-source video player such as VLC.

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