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Becoming a Registered Court Interpreter

Becoming a Court Interpreter

Application Form

Individuals who are interested in interpreting for the state courts must complete the Judiciary’s Court Interpreter Certification Program Application Form to the Office on Equality and Access to the Courts (OEAC). The Application Form may also be obtained from the OEAC. Applicants must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • be authorized to work in the United States; and
  • speak English and another language(s).

Mandatory Minimum Requirements

To be eligible to interpret for the state courts, applicants must meet the following mandatory requirements:

  1. Attend the two-day Basic Orientation Workshop.
  2. Pass the Written English Proficiency Exam and the Hawai`i Basic Ethics Exam; and
  3. Clear a Criminal Background Check.

Opportunities for Advancement

Interpreters who have met the mandatory minimum requirements are eligible to take an Oral Interpreting Exam to qualify for a higher tier designation and higher pay rate.