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Oral Arguments

An oral argument is a presentation of a case before a court by spoken word. Lawyers or parties representing each side in a dispute have 30 minutes to make their case and answer questions from Supreme Court justices or Intermediate Appellate Court judges. Oral argument is only one part of the decision-making process and may not be held in every case.

To argue before the court, a party must have first submitted a written brief. In preparation for oral argument, the justices or judges and their law clerks read relevant parts of the trial court or agency record, read the briefs, review cases, statutes and constitutional provisions cited by the parties, and conduct independent legal research on the subjects of the argument. After oral argument the justices or judges prepare a disposition based upon their understanding of the law that applies.

Oral Arguments Schedule
View the list of upcoming Hawaiʻi Supreme Court and Intermediate Court of Appeals oral arguments. It is possible that a matter scheduled for oral argument might be stricken or rescheduled. For current information, contact the Chief Clerk at 808-539-4919.

Audio Recordings Archive
Browse and listen to MP3 digital audio recordings of Hawai`i Supreme Court and Intermediate Court of Appeals oral arguments archived since March 21, 2007.