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Volunteer Court Navigators at Maui District Court

Photograph of volunteers at Maui District Court who assist public with navigating district court at Hoapili Hale

Tori Renschen (right) with Volunteer Court Navigators Lani Scott, Pam Lavarre, Diane Sueno, who are identifiable by the large orange “Volunteer Court Navigator” badges they wear while on duty.


The Hawaii State Judiciary has established a Volunteer Court Navigator program to assist people who do not have an attorney when they appear in Maui District Court at Hoapili Hale for cases such as landlord-tenant, debt collection, and non-family temporary restraining orders (TROs).

Volunteer navigators are posted at various high-traffic points in the courthouse and are easily identified by their large orange “Volunteer Court Navigator” badges.

In addition to giving directions to the courtrooms, the volunteers determine if self-represented individuals need interpreters, or accommodations for sight or hearing impairments.

Before court, navigators also provide information on court procedures, resources available in the courthouse such as the Self-Help Center, the Service Center, and the availability of free mediation services.

In the courtroom, navigators can remind self-represented litigants to stand and approach the court when their case is called. They may also take notes on each case to help answer basic questions afterward, and provide general information on how to access mediation services.

Two important notes:

  1. Navigators cannot provide legal advice.
  2. The program is open to all self-represented litigants in a certain civil cases.  For example, both landlords and tenants can ask a navigator for help.   

Our system of justice works best when serving a well-informed population. The navigators help bridge the gap for those who are unfamiliar with the courts, and create greater opportunities for everyone to avail themselves of the rights and liberties provided by law.

The Maui courts sincerely appreciate the dedicated service provided by the Volunteer Court Navigators. The courts welcome individuals wishing to serve as navigators. The only qualification needed is a desire to serve your community.

For more information on becoming a Volunteer Court Navigator, please contact the Office of the Second Circuit Chief Court Administrator at (808) 244-2929.

Photograph of Volunteer Court Navigators at Maui District Court at Hoapili Hale

From left: Volunteer Court Navigators Lani Scott, Pam Lavarre, and Justine Hura assist Tori Renschen with a question about District Court