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DWI (Driving While Impaired) Court

The Honolulu DWI Court Program was founded in 2013 to address an increase in fatal vehicle crashes involving drivers under the influence of alcohol. The goal of the DWI Court Program is for participants to attain sobriety through a comprehensive, court-regulated, treatment plan that provides intervention support for non-violent offenders.

Entry into the DWI Court Program is voluntary and requires each participant to go through a screening process and enter a no contest or guilty plea before admission. Rehabilitation is coordinated by a DWI Court Case Manager and includes alcohol monitoring, individual and group counseling, and regular attendance at self-help meetings. In addition to treatment, participants are required to make regular court appearances before the presiding District Court Judge for evaluation. Each participant’s sentence is stayed pending compliance and successful completion of the DWI Court Program, which is a minimum of one year.

The DWI Court program serves participants by providing them with a gateway to resources for recovery, in turn reducing recidivism and increasing public safety.

To apply for the program, please complete and submit the petition to the DWI Court Coordinator, 1111 Alakea Street, 11th Floor, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813, to be set for a hearing.

Second DWI Court Graduate

On Aug. 28, 2014, Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald and District Court Judge Shirley Kawamura presented DWI Court Graduate with a Certificate of Completion to recognize his hard work and accomplishments while in the DWI Court Program.

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