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Adda kalintegam a maikan ti interprete/agiptarus a libre kadagiti amin a kaso.
You have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you.

Language ID Card (karta a mangipakita ti pagsasaom)
Language ID Card

Iprentam daytoy a kard ken ipakitam ti empleado iti Husgado
nu umayka ditoy korte.

Print this card and show it to Judiciary staff when you come to court.

Kasano ti agkiddaw ti agipatarus / interprete nga Ilokano
How to Request an Interpreter

Kasano nga usaren ti interprete / agipatarus iti korte
How to Use a Court Interpreter

Dagiti nasken nga ammoen no mapanka iti pangukoman / korte
Tips on Going to Court

Dagiti ‘Self-Help Centers’ (lugar a pakaalaan ti tulong)
Self-Help Centers

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Dagiti Order ti Korte a Mangprotektar
Protective Orders

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Panagkiddaw iti Order iti Proteksion manipud iti Korte ti Pamilia
Requesting a Family Court Protective Order

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Maipanggep iti Panangidatagmo iti Temporario nga Order ti Korte a Manglapped (TRO)
About Filing Your TRO

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Ti Panangpaatiddog iti Temporario nga Order ti Korte a Manglapped (TRO) iti ayan Korte ti Pamilia
Extending Your TRO in Family Court

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Panangted iti Kopiam ti Temporario nga Order ti Korte a Manglapped (TRO)
Serving Your Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)

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Agplano para iti Kinatalgedmo
Plan for Your Safety

For more information about language services, contact:

Office on Equality and Access to the Courts
426 Queen St. #B-17,
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 539-4860

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