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The Intermediate Court of Appeals

The Intermediate Court of Appeals (ICA) is the court that hears nearly all appeals from trial courts and some state agencies in the State of Hawai`i. The ICA is composed of seven judges.

The Intermediate Court of Appeals has discretionary authority to entertain cases submitted without a prior suit when there is a question of law that could be the subject of a civil action or a proceeding in the Circuit Court, or Tax Appeal Court, and the parties agree upon the facts upon which the controversy depends.

Cases in the Intermediate Court of Appeals may be transferred to the Hawai`i Supreme Court upon application to the Supreme Court under circumstances set out in the Hawai`i Revised Statutes. The ICA’s Judgments on Appeal and dismissal orders are subject to the Hawai`i Supreme Court’s discretionary review by way of an application for a writ of certiorari.

A special video series, spearheaded by the Hawai`i Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, titled “Tips from the Bench and Bar” is available for review on this website. The series features Hawai`i Supreme Court justices, Intermediate Court of Appeals judges, and practitioners who frequently practice in Hawai`i appellate courts. They are interviewed on practical matters of how to handle an appeal in Hawai`i.

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