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Commission on Judicial Conduct

The Commission on Judicial Conduct was established on June 1, 1979, by the Supreme Court of Hawai`i to investigate allegations of judicial misconduct and disability, and has jurisdiction over all justices and judges of the State of Hawai`i. Judicial misconduct is any violation of the Hawai`i Revised Code of Judicial Conduct. Disability involves the physical or mental inability to perform judicial duties and functions.

Complaints about state judges should be sent in writing to the Commission and include case numbers and the names of corroborating witnesses when available, as well as supportive material such as transcripts, copies of motions, etc.

Contact Information:
Commission on Judicial Conduct
417 S. King Street, Room 206A, Honolulu, HI 96813-2943
Telephone: 808-539-4790
Fax: 808-539-4756

The Commission consists of four lay members and three attorneys, one of whom serves as chair. The Supreme Court appoints Commission members for staggered three-year terms.

Member Term
James A Kawachika, Chair Appointed 07/01/21 – 06/30/24
Dr. Doris M. Ching, Vice-Chair Reappointed 09/01/21 – 08/31/24
Corbett Kalama Appointed 06/01/23 – 05/31/26
Diane M. Kimura Appointed 06/10/23 – 06/09/26
Dickson C.H. Lee Reappointed 06/02/21 – 06/01/24
Benjamin M. Matsubara Reappointed 06/02/21 – 06/01/24
Lynne Waters Appointed      01/12/21 – 01/11/24

Formal Advisory Opinions

Commission on Judicial Conduct Annual Reports: