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Amendment to Exemption

Posted Date

Amended Exemption No.

Approval Date Provider Name Description Amount Comments
09/22/2021 JAE19-09   National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ)

Conduct a statewide hearing quality assessment to assist the Hawaii State Judiciary in developing performance measures aimed at meeting the requirements of the Court Improvement Program (CIP).

09/20/2021 JAE19-08   Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. 

CONTINUOUS ALCOHOL MONITORING SERVICES – transdermal 24/7 alcohol monitoring services

NTE $9,000  
06/10/2021 JAE21-12   CML SPECIALTIES, LLC (CML Security, LLC)

Provide remote technical support for newly installed Security Electronics System and 2 service visits for Keahuolu Courthouse. Add the following requirements: Provide and install one computer for remote access and one detention lock and spare parts

06/09/2021 JAE21-11   TK Elevator Corporation

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation is the original installer of the elevator system and has  provided the maintenance services since the elevators were first placed into service at Ka’ahumanu Hale. Their expertise and  customer service, general terms and conditions, and our current contract will all remain unchanged. The  only thing changing will be the company name and  they will now be known as TK Elevator Corporation.

05/18/2021 JAE21-10   Capgemini America, Inc. Amending services to modify the testing scripts suite of the automated system Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) used for regression testing and daily system checks. JIMS currently has a series to automated testing scenarios that are run daily as well as prior to any new code deployment to ensure that the system is working correctly. These testing scripts were developed on an older version of UFT and need to be upgraded to work on the newer version of UFT. $34,310