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Basic Orientation Workshop

The Basic Orientation Workshop (BOW) is the first of three mandatory minimum requirements to interpret in the Hawai‘i state courts. The BOW is a two-day orientation seminar which provides an introduction to the requirements of the Hawai‘i State Judiciary Court Interpreter Certification Program. BOW participants will be introduced to:

  • the approval and registration process of the Hawai‘i State Judiciary Court Interpreter Certification Program;
  • the examinations administered to court interpreters and how to prepare for them;
  • an overview of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that court interpreters must possess to perform as a court interpreter;
  • the role and basic ethics of court interpreters;
  • an overview of courtroom procedures and legal processes; and resources for the professional development of court interpreters.

2020 Basic Orientation Workshop registrations now accepted

Applicants must attend the BOW prior to taking the requisite written exams for court interpreters. Information regarding the dates, location, registration, and fee for the 2020 Basic Orientation Workshop is now available.  Additional information may be obtained by contacting the OEAC.