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Code For “First Circuit Oahu Judges”

Circuit Court Judges

Note: Please do not call a judge about a pending case.  In most circumstances, a judge is prohibited from discussing a pending case unless all parties are given notice and an opportunity to be present. Judges are also prohibited from publicly discussing a pending or impending case.  See Rules 2.9 and 2.10 of the Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct.

Ka`ahumanu Hale
First Circuit Court
777 Punchbowl Street
Honolulu HI 96813 – 5093
808 539-4767
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Kauikeaouli Hale

Honolulu District Court of the First Circuit
1111 Alakea Street
Honolulu HI 96813
808 538-5629
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Kapolei Judiciary Complex
Family Court
4675 Kapolei Parkway
Kapolei HI 96707-3272
808 954-8000
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NameTitleBldg.RoomFlr.Div.Ph. #Term
Ashford, James H.
(Civil / Agency Appeals)
Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
124th Floor10808-539-401204/24/18-04/23/28
Browning, R. MarkCivil/Chief JudgeKaʻahumanu
144th Floor3808-539-407005/06/20-05/05/30
Castagnetti, Jeannette H.
Civil Admin Judge
Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
104th Floor5808-539-402509/30/20-09/29/30
Cataldo, Lisa W.
Circuit Court JudgeKauikeaouli Hale5CHonolulu

5th Floor
Chang, Gary W. B. (Civil)Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu Hale164th Floor14808-539-408406/01/19-05/31/29
Crabtree, Jeffrey P.
Circuit Court Judge
(Civil / Environmental Court)
Kaʻahumanu Hale114th Floor6808-539-410511/25/14-11/24/24
Johnson, Ronald G. (Criminal)Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu Hale33rd Floor17808-539-417310/28/19-10/27/29
Kawamura, Shirley M.
Circuit Court Judge

(Criminal Administrative Judge)
43rd Floor12808-539-433012/17/15-12/16/25
Kawashima, James S. (Family/Criminal)Circuit Court JudgeKauikeaouli Hale8B

Honolulu D/C
8th Floor
21808-538-519311/30/22 - 11/29/32
Zane, Bryant G.F.Y (TA)
(Family/Domestic Violence)
Kauikeaouli Hale8CHonolulu D/C16808-538-5311
Malinao, Clarissa Y. (Crim/Misdemeanor Jury Demand)Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
134th Floor15808-539-411612/16/21 - 12/15/31
Morikawa, Trish K.
(Crim/Mental Health Ct/Drug Ct/Hope/Veterans Treatment Ct/Women's Ct)
Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
63rd Floor20808-539-430910/28/19-10/27/29
Morikone, Kevin T. (Civil)Circuit Court JudgeKauikeaouli Hale5B5th Floor

Honolulu D/C
Ochiai, Dean E.
(Civil/Environmental Court)
Circuit Court Judge
94th Floor7808-539-400602/15/13-02/14/23
Park, Shanlyn A.S. (Criminal)
Circuit Court JudgeKa'ahumanu Hale1

3rd Floor22808-539-402412/16/21 - 12/15/31
Remigio, Catherine H.
Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
73rd Floor2808-539-403004/07/17-04/06/27
Somerville, Rowena
Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
53rd Floor23808-539-432012/20/17-12/19/27
Souza, Kevin A.
Circuit Court Judge Kaʻahumanu Hale23rd Floor11808-539-409910/28/19-10/27/29
Tonaki, John M. (Civil)Circuit Court Judge Kaʻahumanu Hale174th Floor4808-539-406210/28/19-10/27/29
To'oto'o, Fa'auuga L.
Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
83rd Floor19808-539-407410/07/20-10/06/30
VacantCircuit Court Judge Kauikeaouli Hale184th Floor18808-
Viola, Matthew J.

Circuit Court Judge
(Senior Family Court Judge)
Kapolei Judiciary ComplexKapolei4th Floor13808-954-803012/20/17-12/19/27
Wong, Paul B.K (Criminal)Circuit Court JudgeKaʻahumanu
154th Floor1808-539-406612/20/17-12/19/27
First Circuit Judges (Oahu)

Circuit Court judges are appointed to 10-year terms by the Governor from a list of not less than four and not more than six nominees provided by the Judicial Selection Commission. The Governor’s appointees are subject to the consent of the state Senate. Judges must retire by age 70 and may be retired or removed for incapacity.

District Court Judges

Note: Please do not call a judge about a pending case.  In most circumstances, a judge is prohibited from discussing a pending case unless all parties are given notice and an opportunity to be present. Judges are also prohibited from publicly discussing a pending or impending case.  See Rules 2.9 and 2.10 of the Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct.

District Court judges are appointed to six-year terms by the Chief Justice from a list of not less than six nominees provided by the Judicial Selection Commission, subject to confirmation by the State Senate.

Name Division/Title Phone Number Term
Ching, Jennifer L. District Family Court Judge 808-954-8141 06/24/17 – 06/23/23
Costa, Brian 13th, District Court Judge 808-954-8447 06/02/17 – 06/01/23
Domingo, William M. 11th, District Court Judge 808-538-5003 05/18/15 – 05/17/21
Gangnes, Hilary Benson 2nd, District Court Judge 808-538-5227 05/22/14 – 05/21/20
Hall, Jessi L.K. District Family Court Judge 808-954-8448 12/20/17 – 12/19/23
Iha, Sherri District Family Court Judge 808-954-8448 08/26/16 – 08/25/22
Kawashima, James S. 5th, District Court Judge 808-538-5000 06/30/16 – 06/29/22
Kupau-Odo, Summer M.M. 14th, District Court Judge 808-538-5403 11/29/18 – 11/28/24
Kuriyama, Christine E. Deputy Chief Judge, Senior Family Court Judge 808-954-8030 11/25/14 – 11/24/24
Lee, Lono J. 10th, District Court Judge, Deputy Chief Judge 808-538-5033 06/10/15 – 06/09/21
Lendio Heim, Darolyn 12th, District Court Judge 808-538-5004 05/03/17 – 05/02/23
Luke, Linda K.C. District Family Court Judge 808-538-5184 12/29/16 – 12/28/22
May, Melanie M. 8th, District Court Judge 808-538-5435 06/23/17 – 06/22/23
McWhinnie, James C. 6th, District Court Judge 808-538-5000 12/17/15 – 12/16/21
Medeiros, Dyan M. District Family Court Judge 808-954-8019 07/10/15 – 07/09/21
Morikawa, Trish K. 9th, District Court Judge 808-538-5010 05/03/17 – 05/02/23
Morikone, Kevin T.   District Family Court Judge 808-954-8013 04/24/18 – 04/23/24
Murakami, Paul T. District Family Court Judge 808-954-8004 06/07/14 – 06/06/20
Nakashima, Steven M. District Family Court Judge 808-538-5000 08/26/16 – 08/25/22
Pacarro, Clarence A. 7th, District Court Judge 808-538-5005 06/07/14 – 06/06/20
Shimozono, Kenneth J. District Family Court Judge 808-538-5090 08/30/18 – 08/29/24
Souza, Kevin A. District Family Court Judge 808-954-8010 02/15/13 – 02/14/19
Tanigawa, Michael K. 1st. District Court Judge 808-538-5015 08/26/16 – 08/25/22
Yoo, Kristine Y. 4th, District Court Judge 808-954-8100 08/30/18 – 08/29/24

*Iha, Nakashima Viola: Nominated to district family; appointed, confirmed and sworn-in as a district court judge; assigned to district family court.