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Civil JEFS Info

Click this link to go to the Family Court Civil JEFS Info Page


  • Beginning Monday, April 25, 2022 go to eCourt Kokua for traffic; District/Circuit/Family criminal; District/Circuit/Family civil; Land and Tax Appeal court; appellate court case information.

Go-Live Dates

October 7, 2019:  District Court Civil went live
October 28, 2019:  Circuit Court Civil went live
November 18, 2019:  Land Court and Tax Appeal Court went live
April 25, 2022: Family Court Civil went live


  • Improper use of the Judiciary Electronic Filing and Service System to gain access to confidential records or records filed under seal or in-camera may subject the user to sanctions.
  • For DC Civil filings, include a proposed cover sheet when efiling documents that need to be signed by a judge–e.g., Judgment, Judgment for Possession, Writ of Possession, Garnishee Order. Court-form Ex Parte Motions and Non-Hearing Motions can be efiled without a cover sheet, the motion itself is the cover sheet for the internal Order that will be printed, signed by a judge, then efiled by court staff. 
    See FAQ #39 regarding Ex Parte Motions. If there are many/large exhibits, efile them separately.
  • Help Line information is posted in the JEFS HELP section of the Efiling page.

New or updated resources:


Civil JEFS in-person/Webex training are now complete. If you missed the training sessions or want to review them, you may watch the videos (see below):

Level I. JEFS 101 Overview Videos

If you do not currently use JEFS (Judiciary Electronic Filing and Service System) for electronic filing, we recommend you watch the following videos before the Civil JEFS training videos:

Level II. Civil JEFS Training Presentations

Level II. Civil JEFS Training Videos
In reference to “State of Hawaii agencies” in the video, this is regarding Approved Government Agency Partners (HEFSR Rule 4).

Civil JEFS Electronic Filing Q&A Session (6/7/19)

Video of Q&A Session
Power Point


ACTIVATE your new JEFS User ID – Please contact your Organization Administration or your Circuit Helpline for help with activating your WEBU ID.
Case IDs format
Civil Filing Fees (9/12/19)
Civil Docket Codes with Category (10/2/19)
Conventional Service for non-JEFS Users
Civil Administrative Judge Jeannette Castagnetti Memorandum to Members of the Hawaiʻi Bar, All First Circuit Court Users and Practitioners, requiring the filing party of any proposed order, decree, or judgment subsequently approved and electronically filed by the court to conventionally serve non-JEFS User unrepresented parties (12/2/19)  

Guide to Working with PDF Files (9/30/19)
How to Add Attorney to Existing Case (10/29/19)
How to submit a proposed order for signature in JEFS for Circuit Court Civil (12/3/19)
JEFS Civil User Manual (1/2022) – District, Circuit, Family, Land, and Tax Appeal Courts
JIMS JEFS Handout (distributed at Bench Bar Conference 10/11/19)
October HBJ e-Journal (Civil JEFS article)
Purchasing documents on eCourt Kokua (including certified copies) (12/5/19)
Quick Guide to JEFS Resources
Summons & Subpoena Forms (10/31/19):  Contact legal docs or your Circuit divisions for pre-signed forms. Forms notated with 10/19 date have been updated and are available on the Judiciary’s website under Self Help Court Forms for each Circuit.

JEFS User Guides for attorneys: 

Court Rules

Hawaii Electronic Filing and Service Rules
Other civil-related court rules changes are summarized in the JEFS User Guides for attorneys

If you need an accommodation for a disability when participating in a court program, service, or activity, please contact one of the Disability Accommodations Coordinators as far in advance as possible to allow time to provide an accommodation. You are also welcome to send an e-mail to or complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form. The Disability Accommodations Coordinator will try to provide, but cannot guarantee, the requested auxiliary aid, service, or accommodation.