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Brochures and Other Publications

Learn about mediation programs available through the courts. To view these brochures, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free. Please use a recent version of Acrobat Reader.

Mediation for Small Claims

Small claims cases are generally referred to mediation before being heard by a judge. The following brochures provide information you can print out.

Mediation of Divorce Cases

If you and your partner want to reach an agreement…you can meet with a mediator from a community mediation center (Adobe Acrobat PDF file here).

Mediation of Foreclosure Cases Pending in the Hawaii State Courts

If your case is pending in court, the judge may require you to try foreclosure mediation or you may request mediation. [More]

Mediation for Probate Court

Mediation can be used for contested probate, trust or guardianship of property cases. Find out more about mediation for probate court. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

Hawaii Appellate Mediation Program

The Hawaii Appellate Mediation Program provides an alternative to litigation on appeal (Adobe Acrobat PDF file here).

When You Have Disputes, There Are Choices!

Learn about mediation, facilitation and arbitration (Adobe Acrobat PDF file here).


Mediation is an informal, private process to help parties discuss, define, and resolve their dispute. Read Mediation – Solutions, Satisfaction, Success for more information (Adobe Acrobat PDF file here).

The Mediation Times contains articles about mediation and its benefits, how to choose the right mediator, and when mediation may not be appropriate.


Find out about facilitation, its advantages, and how it works in What Is Facilitation? (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

A Guide for Public Policymakers

Read Public Policy Dispute Resolution to find out how facilitation may help with public policy issues. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

CADR Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report

This annual report summarizes CADR’s work during Fiscal Year 2023 (Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

Get more information about:


The Brand Strategy Group’s Final Summary Report presents a communications strategy focused on improving public attitude toward mediation and encouraging the use of mediation.