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SmartStart is the approved IID vendor for the state of Hawai’i.  All costs for the IID will be directly charged to you by Smart Start, at your own expense. The... read more

Maybe not.  The ignition interlock permit (IIP) issued by the ADLRO is only valid in the state of Hawai’i.  There is no guarantee that another state will accept the Hawai’i... read more

No.  Once an IIP is issued, it authorizes you to drive any vehicle with a properly installed IID.  Note that any vehicle you operate with an IID must be properly... read more

EDPs are very limited.  They only authorize you to drive the specified employer-owned vehicle(s) for work, and nothing else.  They are not issued unless your employer submits a sworn statement... read more

No. An EDP can only be granted if you will actually be discharged from employment if you are prohibited from driving a work vehicle. As the employer and owner of... read more

If you held a valid license (not expired, suspended or revoked) at the time of your OVUII arrest, but it was lost or stolen, you may still qualify for an... read more

There are two primary reasons why you would need to apply for an amended IIP and/or an amended EDP: 1.) your underlying revoked driver’s license expires prior to the end... read more

Everyone whose driver’s license is revoked for OVUII is required to complete an assessment of substance abuse/dependence and the need for treatment through the Division of Driver Education. If you... read more

Yes, but DMV (Driver’s Licensing) may not actually issue you a new license until after the revocation period is complete.  In order to get a relicensing form from ADLRO up... read more

No.  Your license is never returned to you if it is revoked in connection with OVUII, regardless of whether it’s a Hawai’i license or an out-of-state license.  ADLRO will issue... read more