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22. Will ADLRO issue me a relicensing form before the end of my revocation period?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

Yes, but DMV (Driver’s Licensing) may not actually issue you a new license until after the revocation period is complete.  In order to get a relicensing form from ADLRO up to 30 days prior to the end of your revocation period, you must have a valid ignition interlock permit (IIP), and you must have complied with all other ADLRO requirements for your license revocation, i.e. Driver’s Education.  If you do not have an IIP, the relicensing form will only be issued up to one week prior to the end of your revocation period.

Relicensing forms are not automatically issued by ADLRO.  You must contact our office to request a relicensing form. When the relicensing form is mailed to you, please DO NOT mail the form back to the ADLRO.  You or your attorney may also pick up the relicensing form in person from the ADLRO, or you may authorize somebody else to pick up the form for you.  If somebody else is picking up the form on your behalf, you must write a signed statement authorizing them to pick up the form for you, and they must bring that statement and valid ID with them.

You need to take the ADLRO relicensing form to DMV (Driver’s Licensing) to begin the relicensing process; however, DMV (Driver’s Licensing) may not actually issue a new license to you until after the license revocation period has fully expired.  If you have any other license “stoppers” from the courts, the Office of Financial Responsibility and/or from any other government agencies in Hawai’i or in any other state(s), you must also take care of all those outstanding requirements before you can be relicensed.