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Commission on Judicial Conduct

Formal Advisory Opinions

1. 01-15 dated 06/26/15 
Disqualifications Issues When a Part-Time Judge Appears in a Case as a Lawyer

2.  01-14 dated 02/28/14
Per Diem Judges and Conflict of Interest

3. 01-11 dated 03/04/11
Does the Hawaii State Constitution Prohibit Per Diem Judges from Holding Other Positions?

4. 01-02 dated 12/20/02
Judges Communicating with the Judicial Selection Commission

5. 01-01 dated 6/28/01
Fines for Civil Contempt Specifying a Charity

6. 01-00 dated 11/28/00
Per Diem Judges Expressing Opinions on Political Issues; Communicating with Appointing Authority on Judicial Candidates

7. 01-99 dated 2/11/99
Supreme Court Justices Recusal in Case Related to Bishop Estate Trustee Investigation.

8. 03-98 dated 5/4/98
Judges Serving as Officer of Non-Profit Organizations Related to Fund Raising and Grant Applications.

9. 02-98 dated 3/11/98
Supreme Court Justices Recusal in Appeal Related to Attorney General Subpoenas Concerning Bishop Estate Investigation.

10. 01-98 dated 3/9/98 
“Of Counsel” Lawyers in Law Firm of Per Diem Judge Practicing in Court Per Diem Judge Sits.

11. 04-96 dated 2/26/97
Court Appointment of a Judge’s Spouse as Commissioner in Foreclosure Action.

12. 03-96 dated 10/30/96 
Per Diem Judge’s Law Firm Practicing in District Court.

13. 09-95 dated 1/24/96 
Per Diem Judge Practicing in Divorces if Per Diem Judge’s Assignments Exclude Divorce Matters.

14. 03-95 dated 3/27/96 
Judge’s Law Clerk Previously Employed in Prosecutor’s Office Serving as Bailiff in Criminal Cases.

15. 14-93 dated 4/7/94 
Supreme Court Justices Appointing Bishop Estate Trustees.

16. 02-93 dated 3/31/94 
Judges Testifying at Senate Confirmation Hearings on Executive Appointments.

17. 02-93 dated 12/8/93 
Judges Acting As Character Witnesses at Judicial Selection, Senate Confirmation, Court Hearings and Otherwise.