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eCourt Kokua Codes

The following codes are used in eCourt Kokua to record traffic case information.

A – C | D – F | G – I | J – L | M – O | P – R | S – U | V – W

AA Alcoholics Anonymous
AAT Alcohol Assessment and Treatment
ABC Action by Court
ACQ Acquitted
ACQB Acquitted – Bench
ADC Administrative Fee Collection
ADF Administrative Fee Assessment
ADV Advance
AEC Alcohol Abuse Education and Counseling Program
AFF Affidavit Filed
AFM Affirmed
AG Attorney General
AGT Agent
AMP Anger Management Program
AMS Amended Sentence
AP Arraignment and Plea
APN Appellant
APP Appellee
AQI Acquitted – Irresponsibility
AR Administrative Review
ARF Arrest Report
ATY Attorney
BA Bailiff
BAC Bond – Amount Confirmed
BAI Bond – Amount Increased
BAPF Bond Applied by Fiscal
BAPP Bond Applied
BAR Bond – Amount Reduced
BBF Bail Bond Forfeited
BBP Bail Bond Posted
BBS Bail Bond Surrendered
BCF Bond – Cash Forfeited
BCK Bounced Check
BCP Bond – Cash Posted
BCPA Bond – Cash Posted Aggregate
BCR Bond – Cash Reinstated
BCS Bond – Cash Stayed
BDA Bail to Drug Assessment Fund
BDDC Bond Discharged (Non-Monetary)
BDF Bail Bond Forfeited
BDFL Bond Forfeited
BDS Bond – Discharge of Surety
BF Bail Forfeited
BND Bond Posted
BPF Bond – Property Forfeited
BPP Bond – Property Posted
BREF Bond Refunded
BSF Bond – Surety Forfeited
BSPA Bond – Surety Posted Aggregate
BSR Bond – Surety Reinstated
BTA Bail to Administrative Fee
BTC Bail to Criminal Compensation Fee
BTD Bail to Driver Education Fund
BTF Bail to Fine
BTP Bail to Probation Fee
BTR Bail to Restitution
BTT Bail to Court Cost
BUS Business
BVAC Bond Forfeiture Vacated
BWA Bench Warrant Cost Assessment (JIMS description)/Bench Warrant Advanced (TRAVIS description)
BWAC Bench Warrant – Additional Charge
BWACT Bench Warrant – Additional Charge Created
BWM Bench Warrant Move On
BWO Bench Warrant Ordered
BWR Bench Warrant Rescheduled
BWRC Bench Warrant Recalled
BWS Bench Warrant Served
BWT Bench Warrant Created
BWU Bench Warrant Returned Unserved
C90 Collection Agency in 90 Days
C180 Collection Agency in 180 Days
CA Court-Appointed Attorney
CAMD Complaint Amended
C&R Counseled and Released
CAR Collection Agency Returned
CAS Collection Agency Submitted
CBF Court Bail Forfeited
CC Closed Case with Judgment Satisfied
CCC Commitment to Circuit Court
CCCT Commitment to Circuit Court Created
CDR Counter Designation of Record
CDSM Case Dismissed
CEVNT Closed Event
CFC Commitment to Family Court
CFF Cleared Final Flag
CFP Criminal Injury Compensation Fee Paid
CHD Change of Court Date
CHV Change of Venue
CIF Criminal Injury Compensation Fee Assessment
CLK Court Clerk
CLOSEDJ Closed Case – Adjudicated
CLOSEDS Closed Case – Judgment Satisfied
CM Certified Mail
CMP Complaint
CND Condition
CO Court Officer
COM Comment
COMD Compliance Document
CON Case Continued
CONP Case Continued – P.M. Calendar
COR Correspondence
CPR Child Passenger Restraint Course
CRI Case Reinstated
CSW Community Service Work
CT Court
CTC Court Cost
CTCA Citation – Traffic Crime Arrest
CUS Custody
D Divorced
DAC Drug Assessment Collected
DAF $250 Drug Demand Reduction Fee (JIMS description)/Drug Demand Assessment Fund (TRAVIS description)
DAG Deferred Acceptance of Guilty Plea
DCIV Civil Complaint
DCP Drug Court Program
DCRF Criminal Felony Complaint
DCRM Criminal Misdemeanor Complaint
DE Driver Education Fund Assessment
DFT Defendant
DH Detention Home
DJ Default Judgment
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DNC Defer Acceptance of No Contest Plea
DNP Dismissed Upon Nolle Prosequi (prosecution no longer pursuing case)
DO Decision and Order
DOC Document
DOH Department of Health
DP Double Payment
DPJ Dismissed with Prejudice
DPSIF Pre-Sentence Investigation Filed
DPSIO Pre-Sentence Investigation
DR Designation of the Record
DSC Case Discharged
DSM Case Dismissed
DTS Driver Training School
DUD Days Unable to Drive
DWO Dismissed Without Prejudice
EM Electronic Monitoring
ERR Data Entry Error
EXH Exhibit
EXJ Execution of Judgment
EXPM Ex Parte (from one side only) Motion
F1 Murder in the First Degree
F2 Murder in the Second Degree
FA Felony Class A
FB Felony Class B
FC Felony Class C
FFP Filing Fee Paid
FIN Fine
FM Murder
FNG Found Not Guilty
FOP For Payment
FP Fine Paid in Full
FS Financial Satisfied
FTA Failed to Appear
FWD Fees Waived
GLP Guilty Plea Accepted Prior to Trial
GLTB Guilty – Bench Verdict
GLTJ Guilty – Jury Verdict
HD Hand Delivery
HH Hearing Held
HM Home
HMT Hearing on Motion
HRG Hearing
HRO Hearing Officer
IFP In Forma Pauperis (waiver of costs due to poverty) Filed
IFPD In Forma Pauperis (waiver of costs due to poverty) Denied
IFPG In Forma Pauperis (waiver of costs due to poverty) Granted
IN Infraction
INT Interpreter
JAMD Judgment Amended
JATDN Judgment After Trial De Novo (new trial)
JCS Judgment Completely Satisfied
JDG Presiding Judge
JDPC Judicial Determination of Probable Cause
JFS Judgment for State
JJIS Juvenile Justice Information System
JL Jail Sentence
JNEJ Judgment and Notice
JOC Judgment of Conviction
JR Judicial Review
JS Judgment Satisfied
JTS Judgment to Stand
JUV Juvenile
JV Judgment Vacated
LC Law Clerk
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
LG Legal Guardian
LPR License Plate Returned
LPS License Plate Surrendered
LR Driver’s License Revoked
LS Driver’s License Suspended
LTRBC Bounced Check Letter
LTRC Court Letter
LTRP Party Letter
LTRUP Underpayment Letter
M Married
MA Mail
MADV Motion to Advance
MC Motorist Copy
MCIS Motion to Correct Illegal Sentence
MCON Motion to Continue
MCS Motion to Convert to Community Service
MD Misdemeanor
MDS Motion for Discharge of Surety
MDSM Motion to Dismiss
MFIN Motion to Convert to Fine
MISC Miscellaneous
MJUD Motion to Convert Judgment
MMEN Motion for Mental Evaluation
MMOD Motion to Modify Sentence
MNT Motion for New Trial
MO Case Move On
MOSC Motion for Order to Show Cause
MOT Motion
MQSH Motion to Quash
MRBW Motion to Recall Bench Warrant
MRCS Motion to Reconsider Sentence
MRE Motion to Return Evidence
MRES Motion for Restitution
MRLS Motion to Reconsider License Suspension
MRP Motion to Return Property
MRPB Motion to Revoke Probation
MSCF Motion to Set Aside Cash Forfeiture
MSDJ Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment
MSDJD Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment Denied
MSDJG Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment Granted
MSGF Motion to Convert State General Fund
MSPF Motion to Set Aside Property Forfeiture
MSPJ Motion to Set Aside Paid Judgment
MSSF Motion to Set Aside Surety Forfeiture
MSUP Motion to Suppress
MTCD Motion to Compel Discovery
MTDN Motion for a Trial De Novo (new trial)
MXSN Motion to Execute Sentence
NA Notice of Appeal
NAA Notice of Administrative Appeal
NAM Narcotics Anonymous Meeting
NCIC National Criminal Information Center
NCO Notice of Conflict with Order
NCP Nole Contendre (no contest) Plea Accepted
NFA No Further Action
NFP Neurotrauma Fund Paid
NFS No Further Sentence
NJA Notice and Judgment on Appeal
NOA No Action
NOH Notice of Hearing
NOHTI Notice of Hearing – Traffic Infraction
NP Nolle Prosequi (prosecution no longer pursuing case)
NPI Notice of Parking Infraction
NTA Notice to Appear
NTF Neurotrauma Fund
NTI Notice of Traffic Infraction
OAMD Order Amended
OB Opening Brief
OBR Order for Briefing
OCC Oral Contempt Charge
OCHR Oral Charge
OGCR Order Granting Conditional Release
OIPE Order of Inpatient Evaluation
OJAC Order of Judgment and Acquittal and Commitment
OLC Driver’s License Stopper Clearance
OLCI Driver’s License Stopper Clearance Issued
OLS Driver’s License Stopper
OMEC Order for Continued Mental Evaluation
OMEN Order for Mental Evaluation
OMOT Oral Motion
ONEO Order and Notice of Entry of Order
OOCE Order for Continuing Outpatient Mental Exam
OOPE Order for Outpatient Mental Exam
OORD Oral Order Motion Denied
OORG Oral Order Motion Granted
OPB Order Pertaining to Bail
OPT Outpatient Treatment
ORD Order
ORDD Order Denied
ORDG Order Granted
ORLS Order of Release from Hawai`i State Hospital
OSC Order to Show Cause
OSCT Order to Show Cause Created
OSD Order of Summary Disposition
OSEL Order Sealed and Confidential
OSR Order to Show Cause Rescheduled
OT Other
OVJ Order Vacating Judgment
PA Prosecuting Attorney
PAR Parent Reported
PB Publication
PC Probable Cause
PCAW Probable Cause to Issue Arrest Warrant
PCSW Probable Cause to Issue Search Warrant
PD Public Defender
PET Petitioner
PF Probation Fee Assessment
PFA Probation Services Assessment
PFF Probation Fee Full Payment
PJR Petition for Judicial Review
PLT Plaintiff
PM Petty Misdemeanor
PMC Post Motorist Copy
PMP Payment Plan
POC Proof of Compliance
POL Police Report
PP Partial Payment
PPCR Petition – Post Conviction Relief
PRB Probation
PRC Penal Summons Recalled
PS Penal Summons Cost Assessment
PSF Partially Suspended Fine
PSJ Penal Summons Issued by Judicial Services Office
PSM Penal Summons Move On
PSO Penal Summons Ordered
PSP Penal Summons Issued by Prosecution
PSR Penal Summons Rescheduled
PSRC Penal Summons Recalled
PSS Partially Suspended Sentence (JIMS sentence code)/Penal Summons Served (JIMS docket code)
PST Penal Summons Created
PT Posting Service
PTC Pretrial Conference
PTH Pretrial Hearing
PUBL Published Materials
R Reciprocal Beneficiaries
RAC Referred to Adult Client Services
RB Reply Brief
RDE Referred to Driver Education
RES Restitution
REV Reversed
RFC Referred to Family Court
RFD Refund
RGA Reimbursement to Government Agency
RLB Released to Bail/Bond
RLC Restricted License Cleared
RLD Restricted License Denied
RLG Restricted License Granted
RLS Restricted License Suspended
RM Regular Mail
ROA Return on Appeal
ROR Released on Own Recognizance
RPCR Response – Post Conviction Relief
RPD Referred to Public Defender
RSVC Return of Service
RTA Released to Appear
RTP Residential Treatment Program
RTRL Request for Trial/Trial De Novo (new trial)
S Single
SA Prior Disposition Set Aside
SAA Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment
SAR Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program
SCH School
SCSE Statement of the Case
SDT Subpoena Duces Tecum (order to produce documents)
SELF Self Reported
SEN Sentencing
SFE Service Fee
SFF Set Final Flag
SGF Contribution to State General Fund
SPT Set Points
SR Supervised Release
SRT Surety
SS Sentence Suspended
STR Stricken
SUB Subpoena Filed
SUR Surety
TAD Transfer to Another Division
TC Traffic Crime
TDN Trial De Novo (new trial)
TI Traffic Infraction
TP Traffic Parking
TRL Required for Trial
TRLB Bench Trial
TRLJ Jury Trial
TRLS Trial Setting
TW Traffic Waiver
UP Under Payment
VI Vehicle Impoundment
VL Violation
VLC Vehicle Registration Stopper Cleared
VLCI Vehicle Registration Clearance Issued
VLS Vehicle Registration Stopper
VRS Vehicle Registration Suspension
VTP Video Telephone Proceeding
W Widowed
WAB Waived Appearance Bond
WAF Waived Administrative Fee
WBA Waived Bench Warrant Cost Assessment
WCF Waived Criminal Injury Compensation Fee
WCT Waived Court Cost
WDA Waived Drug Assessment
WDE Waived Driver Education Fee
WDF Waived Drug Demand Reduction Fee
WF Waived Driver Education Fee
WFA Work Furlough Authorized
WFF Waived Filing Fee
WIT Witness
WNT Waived Neurotrama Fee
WPA Waived Penal Summons Cost Assessment
WPF Waived Probation Fee
WS Written Statement

Waived Service Fee