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1) Go Online

Basic court case information available through the Hawai`i State Judiciary’s website may be viewed at no cost. 

Visit eCourt Kokua for access to traffic cases; District Court, Circuit Court, and Family Court criminal; District Court and Circuit Court civil; Land Court and Tax Appeal Court; and appellate case information.

If you see a PDF icon displayed next to a docket entry in eCourt Kokua, the associated document may be available online for purchase and download.  Some documents may not be immediately available after a document is filed, but should be available within three (3) business days.  Case documents are also available at the courthouse in the jurisdiction where the complaint/petition was filed or where the infraction/crime took place (please see instructions below to visit a courthouse).

Downloadable documents are available for $3.00 per document or 10 cents per page, whichever sum is greater.  eCourt Kokua subscriptions, which entitle subscribers to unlimited document downloads are also available for $125.00 per quarter or $500.00 per year.

Please note, the following case information is not available in eCourt Kokua:  traffic cases prior to November 1995; District Court criminal cases prior to August 2012; appellate cases prior to September 2010.

Visit Ho`ohiki for access to Family Court civil case information

Please note that in Ho`ohiki, court documents are not available for purchase online. Court documents are accessible at courthouses in the jurisdiction where the complaint/petition was filed. 

Also, case information for older court records may not be available in Ho`ohiki.  For more information, refer to the table of Ho`ohiki implementation dates.