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Second Circuit (Maui) Judges Telephone Listing

Note: Please do not call a judge about a pending case.  In most circumstances, a judge is prohibited from discussing a pending case unless all parties are given notice and an opportunity to be present. Judges are also prohibited from publicly discussing a pending or impending case.  See Rules 2.9 and 2.10 of the Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct.

Circuit Court judges are appointed to 10-year terms by the Governor from a list of not less than four and not more than six nominees provided by the Judicial Selection Commission. The Governor’s appointees are subject to the consent of the state Senate. Judges must retire by age 70 and may be retired or removed for incapacity.

District Court judges are appointed to six-year terms by the Chief Justice from a list of at least six names submitted for each opening by the Judicial Selection Commission, subject to confirmation by the state Senate.

Name Title Phone Number Term
Circuit Court Judges      
Bissen, Richard T., Jr. 4th Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Chief Judge 808-244-2820 04/29/15 – 04/28/25
Cahill, Peter T. 1st Judge, Circuit Court Judge 808-244-2980 09/17/12 – 09/16/22
Loo, Rhonda I. L. 2nd Judge, Circuit Court Judge 808-244-2955 06/09/11 – 06/08/21
Kawano, Kelsey 3rd Judge, Circuit Court Judge 808-244-2860 01/27/20 – 01/26/30
District Court Judges      
Hamman, Kirstin M. 3rd Judge, District Court Judge 808-244-2846 06/15/18 – 06/14/24
Heely, Adrianne N. District Family Court Judge 808-244-2700 05/14/18 – 05/13/24
Kobayashi, Blaine J. 2nd Division, Deputy Chief Judge 808-244-2846 10/12/16 – 10/11/22