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Video and Description
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 “Working It Out” shows how three teenage friends handle conflict with each other and their parents. The friends learn that conflict may be resolved if they stop and brainstorm solutions, rather than impulsively reacting, which can make things worse. (Time 9:35) To watch this video, you need the latest Adobe Flash Player, which is free.  PDF  PDF
 “Mediation: An Alternative to Court” is an 18-minute video that features four disputes, and illustrates how each one might progress through the basic steps of mediation.  To watch this video, you need a MP4 player. Download a free player here.  PDF  PDF
Native Hawaiian Peacemaking Concepts,” a special continuing legal education event on the successful application of Hoʻoponopono in legal settings and mediation… read more This video is available on the Judiciary’s YouTube channel.  

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