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Are you interested in mediation, facilitation and related dispute management topics?  Would you like to learn skills to make your meetings more effective?  The Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) offers training opportunities to state and county employees.

Online Training

  • Workshops are free.
  • Workshops are available to Hawaii State, City, and County employees.
  • A minimum of 20 participants are required to schedule a workshop.
  • Requesters are required to manage their registration and provide to CADR a list of registrants (name/position/organization/email) one week prior to the workshop date.

To Schedule a Training

Please send an email to with your training request including suggested date(s) and time(s). Then, complete the Training Request form so we better understand your audience. 

CADR Workshops Available Online

CADR 1.0: (Updated) Working it Out – Skills for Managing Conflict

Note:  It is highly recommended that participants complete this workshop before taking other conflict management classes.  The skills in this workshop are foundational to all of CADR’s workshops.

This popular workshop has been updated with new content.  Participants are introduced to basic skills and strategies for navigating and managing conflict.  This workshop focuses on effective communication and provides a safe and fun virtual classroom for participants to learn and practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  Emphasis is on active listening to better understand positions and interests, the concept of “two truths,” and productive ways to have difficult conversations. 

CADR 1.3 Collaborative Workplace: Skills for Cultivating Collaboration:  150 minutes (2.5 hours)

People work harder when they believe that their contributions are valued. Recognizing team members’ interests and contributions by helping them apply them to the larger goals of the office or organization enhances the value of each team member.  The strategies and tools taught in this workshop equip participants with the tools to lay and maintain a foundation for a collaborative workplace — including boosting confidence, recognizing commonalities, and collective ownership in problem-solving to overcome obstacles to getting the job done and achieving goals.  

CADR 1.4 Collaborative Workplace: Giving Feedback for Productive Outcomes:  150 minutes (2.5 hours)

A good leader is able to lead teams through change, whether it is organizational change or change in personal performance — and this applies to anybody at any level on the organizational chart.  This starts with caring about, and understanding what drives people — their goals, interests, and fears — and requires consistent, and sometimes difficult but necessary, feedback. Participants delve into a strength-based and positive approach to feedback designed to hone in on what is working rather than what is not.  Engaging exercises and peer interaction provides participants an opportunity to practice rapport-building feedback techniques to determine what motivates people and guide them to realize their fullest potential.

CADR 4.1 Better Meeting Management Live and Online:  Two, 120-minute sessions (2 hours per session)

Learn the components of preparing, conducting, and following up with a good and productive meeting in both an online and in-person format.  Best practices for both online and in person formats will be discussed with an emphasis on participant engagement – especially in online formats.

CADR 6.0 Communicating with Empathy – The Path to Seeing More Deeply:  90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Participants are guided through a template for engaging in communication that will help to establish a deeper connection with others including: perspective taking, staying out of judgement, recognizing someone’s emotions, and communicating understanding.  During the session, participants are encouraged to customize their templates to develop a personal pocket guide for easy reference and inspiration to practice empathic communication in their daily lives.

CADR 7.0 Hot Buttons:  60 minutes (1 hour)

Are you ever set off by something someone said and don’t know why it bugs you?  Does a particular situation or personality type stir an unexpected emotional response?  This workshop helps you recognize your “hot buttons” so you can master your internal landscape and more effectively navigate difficult situations.

Please periodically check this site for CADR’s Fall 2022 Training Schedule and other training updates.