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XI. Professionalism and Relationships with Other Professionals

1. Responsibility of the Mediator Toward Other Mediators

A mediator whose assistance is being sought by one or more participants should endeavor to discover if other mediators are involved. A mediator should not intervene in an on-going mediation process being conducted by others. The wishes of the participants supercede the interests of the mediators.

2. Use of Information

A mediator should not use information disclosed or obtained during the mediation process for private gain or advantage nor should a mediator seek publicity from a mediation effort to enhance his or her position. This does not preclude the promotion of mediation as a process.

3. Relationships with Other Professionals

A mediator should respect the complementary relationship that exists between mediation and other social and dispute resolution services and should promote cooperation with other professionals.

4. Advertising

A mediator should make only accurate statements about the mediation process, its costs and benefits, and the mediator’s qualifications.

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