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Appendix 1: Committee On Mediation Standards

The following agencies and organizations participated in the drafting of these standards:

  • American Arbitration Association (Mr. Keith W. Hunter).
  • Armed Services YMCA Community Mediation Service (Ms. Josie Blevins).
  • Better Business Bureau of Hawai`i, Inc. (Mr. Frank S. Conkey).
  • Children’s Divorce Clinic, Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Medical Center (Dr. Jane A. Waldron).
  • Hawai`i State Bar Association, Section on Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mr. Frank T. Lockwood and Mr. Gerald S. Clay).
  • Honolulu Board of Realtors Mediation Committee (Ms. Dorothy Read).
  • Judiciary Program on Alternative Dispute Resolution (Dr. Peter S. Adler).
  • Neighborhood Justice Center of Honolulu, Inc. (Mr. Leland K. W. Chang).
  • University of Hawai`i Program on Conflict Resolution (Dr. David Chandler).
  • William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawai`i (Ms. Melody Parker).

Helpful comments and criticisms were also received from:

  • Ms. June Amimoto, Program Director, Ku`ikahi YMCA Mediation Center, Waiakea Settlement YMCA.
  • Dr. Ted Becker, Chairman and Coordinator, Master’s Degree Program in Conflict Resolution, Peacemaking and Mediation, Department of Political Science, University of Hawai`i.
  • Mr. Mark K. Bradley, Ms. Jocelyn M. Higa and Mr. David Swartout, ASUH Student Mediation Service, University of Hawai`i.
  • Mr. Robert Coulson, President, American Arbitration Association.
  • Mr. Michael M. Hazama, Mediation Services of Maui, Inc.
  • Judge Shunichi Kimura, State of Hawai`i Judiciary, Third Circuit, First Division.
  • Judge Evelyn B. Lance, State of Hawai`i Judiciary, First Circuit, Family Court.
  • Judge Marie N. Milks, State of Hawai`i Judiciary, First Circuit, Sixteenth Division.
  • Judge Ronald T.Y. Moon, State of Hawai`i Judiciary, First Circuit, Ninth Division.
  • Commissioner Frank S. Schoeppel, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

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