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A judge may sentence an offender, among other dispositions, to the following:

  • A deferral term with conditions
  • Probation with conditions, or
  • Imprisonment

If the offender is given a deferral term or probation with conditions, he/she will be supervised by Adult Client Services. After the sentencing hearing, the victim will be contacted by the probation officer supervising the offender and enforcing any restitution ordered. The probation officer will inform the victim of the amount of restitution the offender has been ordered to pay as a condition of probation and the minimum monthly payment that will be collected.

If the court orders restitution as a stand-alone sanction in addition to a term and condition of probation, the victim will receive a certified copy of the judgment. The victim can then decide whether to enforce the criminal restitution order as a civil judgment. The civil judgment allows the victim to continue to collect restitution even when the supervision term is over.

If an offender is sentenced to a term of imprisonment, he/she will be under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and not under direction of Adult Client Services. DPS will be responsible for coordinating any restitution payment ordered while an offender is in custody at one of the correctional facilities or upon release from custody and on parole to the Hawai`i Paroling Authority.

If victims have questions about restitution from offenders who have been sentenced to imprisonment, they may call the following:

  • O`ahu Community Correctional Center: (808) 832-1777
  • Halawa Correctional Facility: (808) 486-2600
  • Women’s Community Correctional Center: (808) 266-9893
  • Waiawa Correctional Facility: (808) 677-6150
  • Hawai`i Paroling Authority: (808) 587-1300