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Awards – Request for Proposals


Award Date Description Judiciary No. Contractor/Provider Miscellaneous
Provide Lotus Notes Tivoli Backup System Support: Administration Support, Consultation, Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, and Training Services to the Judiciary. J09132 eWorld Enterprise Solutions, Inc. Phase IV Eff. 07/01/12
04/02/12 Price list for on site drug testing kits J12220 BioTech Screening 14 month contract w/option to extend for 2 years
03/20/12 Provide Consultant to Assist the Judiciary to Develop and Implement a Statewide Strategic Planning Process and to Produce a Findings and Recommendations Report J12229 SMS Research & Marketing Services, INC.  
01/13/12 Provide Remote Systems Programming for Z9 Mainframe Infrastructure J10116

JP Network Integration and Consulting, LLC
Amendment No. 2

End date extended to 04/15/13 w/option to extend for 2 years
10/17/07 Provide Technical consulting services to the Judiciary J08165

Wirevibe, LLC  (SOW 10 -37)
Wirevibe, LLC (SOW 1 -9)

6th Amend to Agree extends due date to 10/31/12. SOW 37 executed.
 06/24/11 To provide network consultation, maintenance, & installation services to the Judiciary  J11164 

JP Network Integration & Consulting, LLC 

End date 06/30/12 w/option to extend for 3 years 

05/27/11 Provide staewide drug confirmation testing J12001 Technical Management dba Norchem Drug Testing End date 6/30/13 w/option to extend for  2 years
 09/25/08 Provide system administration & database administration technical consulting services to the Judiciary  J09040 

Veracity Consulting Inc.
Amendment No. 4 

End date  06/30/12 w/option to extend for 1 year