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Important: JIMS/JEFS Downtime

Judiciary systems including JEFS, eCourt Kokua, and Document Drop-off will be unavailable due to maintenance work beginning midnight Friday, September 23, to noon, Sunday, September 25. If work is completed sooner, systems may be restored earlier. Applications, including eReminder, eJuror, and eTraffic will not be affected. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Intermediate Court of Appeals Judges

Note: Please do not call a judge about a pending case.  In most circumstances a judge is prohibited from discussing a pending case unless all parties are given notice and an opportunity to be present. Judges are also prohibited from publicly discussing a pending or impending case.  See Rules 2.9 and 2.10 of the Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct.

Judges are appointed by the Governor form a list of not less than four and not more than six names submitted by the Judicial Selection Commission. A judge’s nomination is subject to confirmation by the State Senate. Each judge is initially appointed for a ten year term. After initial appointment, the Judicial Selection Commission determines whether a judge will be retained in office. A judge may not serve past age 70. See Article VI § 3 & 4 of the Hawaii Constitution.

Name Title Phone Number Term
Lisa M. Ginoza Chief Judge (808) 539-4750 04/24/18 – 04/23/28
Keith K. Hiraoka Associate Judge 808 539-4752 11/19/18 – 11/18/28
Katherine G. Leonard Associate Judge (808) 539-4751 01/30/18 – 01/29/28
Sonja M.P. McCullen Associate Judge (808) 539-4698 10/1/21 – 09/30/31
Karen T. Nakasone Associate Judge 808 539-4004 11/02/20 – 11/01/30
Clyde J. Wadsworth Associate Judge (808) 539-4206 10/21/19 – 10/20/29