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How the Program Works

After a felony offender pleads to, or is found guilty of a criminal offense, the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney sends the crime victim’s name, address and telephone number to Adult Client Services. A pre-sentence investigation officer will contact the victim to provide information regarding:

  1. The date and time of the offender’s sentencing hearing.
  2. How to submit a written victim impact statement or make a verbal statement to the court. The purpose of the statement is to inform the judge of the physical, psychological and/or financial affect(s) that the crime has had upon the victim.
  3. How to file a claim for restitution. (Restitution is payment made to a victim for financial losses resulting directly from the harm or damage caused by the offender in the crime.)
  4. How to file a claim for Crime Victim Compensation if applicable in the victim’s case.

In some cases, in which a victim may be receiving services from Victim Witness Kokua Services (Department of the Prosecuting Attorney), we will coordinate efforts to assist the victim.