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In the Media Archive

This section contains articles written by Hawai`i state judges and published by the local media. Most of the articles were written in observance of Law Week. The objective of the articles is to promote greater public understanding of, and appreciation for, our legal systems.

Date Title
8/2/2007 Alternatives to youth detention imperative – By Judge Frances Q.F. Wong
5/1/2006 Coaches, judges have much in common – By Judge Michael A. Town
5/4/2005 Standing alone against a determined jury – By Anthony Oliver
5/3/2005 Balance: public access vs. privacy rights – By Susan Pang Gochros
5/2/2005 Emerging democracies get help from Isles – By Judge Evelyn Lance
5/1/2005 Common Law set basis for jury trials – By Judge Shackley F. Raffetto
5/6/2004 Why the Court is ‘Supreme’ – By Judge Frances Wong
5/5/2004 WMDs in the Family Court – By Judge Douglas S. McNish
5/2/2004 ‘Judicial Temperament’ A Matter of Showing Respect to All – By Associate Justice James E. Duffey Jr.
5/1/2004 Winning Equity Through Law – By Judge Bert Ayabe
5/1/2003 Why Be a Judge? A Little History – By Judge Fay M. Koyanagi
4/30/2003 The Judiciary: ‘Crown Jewel’ – By Judge Clarence A. Pacarro
4/29/2003 Courts Must Have Freedom – By Judge Paul T. Murakami
4/28/2003 Being Independent is Critical – By Judge Joel August
4/27/2003 Lack of Elections In Judiciary Keeps Politics In Check – By Judge Hilary Benson Gangnes
5/7/2002 Burden of Proof is Critical – By Judge Richard Pollack
5/6/2002 Justice Isn’t Blind to Needy – By Judge Reinette W. Cooper
5/3/2002 The Right to Counsel is Critical – By Associate Judge Daniel R. Foley
5/2/2002 Civics Education is Critical – By Chief Justice Ronald T.Y. Moon
5/3/2001 Abused Children Could Use Your Help – By Judge R. Mark Browning
5/2/2001 When is a Juvenile Criminal an Adult? – By Judge Eric G. Romanchak
5/1/2001 State Divorce Process Focuses on Child – By Judge Diana L. Warrington
4/30/2001 Protecting Abused Children – By Judge Kenneth E. Enright
4/29/2001 How the Law Protects our Children – By Chief Justice Ronald T.Y. Moon
5/7/2000 On Making Life-Death Decisions, Judges Find They Are Only Human – By Chief Justice Ronald T.Y. Moon
5/5/2000 Judiciary Is Going High Tech – By Administrative Director Michael F. Broderick
5/4/2000 Judicial Independence Crucial – By Associate Justice Paula Nakayama
5/3/2000 Restorative Justice Helps the Victim Become Whole Again – By Judge Michael A. Town
5/6/1999 When the Jury Makes the Law – By Judge Shackley F. Raffetto
5/5/1999 Judges’ Role After the Verdict – By Judge Sabrina McKenna
5/4/1999 What Determines a Sentence – By Judge Clifford Nakea
5/3/1999 Prove Your Case in Court – By Judge Jeffrey Choi
5/2/1999 What You Can Do When the Court “Was Wrong” – By Chief Justice Ronald T.Y. Moon