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Family Reunites as Graduates Complete DWI Court Program

Posted on Jun 30, 2021 in Featured News, News & Reports


Three participants at the June 17, 2021 graduation ceremony celebrate their success and achievements in completing the DWI Court program.

Graduates celebrate their success and achievements in completing the DWI Court program.

DWI Court graduation ceremonies are a time to celebrate many successes, as well as some unexpected surprises. One such surprise was shared at the June 17 ceremony when a graduate noted the positive effects the program has had on his family relationships.

He said that before entering DWI Court he was estranged from his family. His children would not talk to him. Since joining the program and getting sober, they are now back in his life.

Another graduate thanked presiding Judge Alvin Nishimura for giving him the opportunity to get the kind of help provided by DWI Court, and for not saying that he’d had enough chances or was a lost cause.

Judge Nishimura replied, “DWI Court is a team, but it’s more like family — we help each other.”

A total of 59 men and women have completed the intensive treatment program since its start in 2013.

In addition to helping participants realize personal improvements during recovery, Honolulu’s nationally recognized DWI Court program benefits the community at large by:

  • Reducing individual recidivism rates
  • Improving public safety on our roadways, and
  • Saving taxpayer dollars otherwise spent on the arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of these offenders.

For more information, or to apply to the Honolulu DWI Court Program, go to: