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Bar Application Forms



By order of the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii, the Hawaii bar exam originally scheduled for July 28-29, 2020, will be rescheduled to fall of 2020, on dates to be determined.

The deadline to submit your application is extended from April 1, 2020 to May 1, 2020.


NOTE:  The application for the July 2020 bar examination will not require a notary certification for Form No. 3:  Authorization and Release.

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Form No. Title of Document Word
 MS Word  Adobe PDF Form Date

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1 Change of Address WP Word PDF 12/11
2 Dean’s Certificate WP Word


3 Authorization and Release WP Word  PDF  12/11
6 ADA Request WP  Word  PDF  12/11
7 ADA-Certificate of Medical, Psychological or Educational Authority WP  Word  PDF 12/11
8 ADA-Certificate of Non-Standard Accommodation from Education Institution or Employer  WP  Word  PDF 12/11
9 ADA-Certificate form Testing Organization WP  Word  PDF 12/11
D Acknowledgment WP  Word  PDF 12/11
E-LT Hawaii Bar Examination Laptop Testing WP  Word  PDF 12/11