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Judicial Selection Commission Press Release – District Family Judge, First Circuit Nominee

Posted on Aug 14, 2020 in JSC Press Releases, Judicial Selection Commission

Under the Constitution of the State of Hawaii, Article VI, Appointment of Justices and Judges, Section 3: “The chief justice, with the consent of the senate, shall fill a vacancy in the district courts by appointing a person from a list of not less than six nominees for the vacancy presented by the judicial selection commission.”

The Judicial Selection Commission is pleased to announce a list of nominees for the judicial office of District Family Judge of the First Circuit (island of Oahu), State of Hawaii.  The judicial office has been vacant since the retirement of District Family Judge Paul T. Murakami in May 2020.

The list of nominees selected by the Commission to fill the vacancy for the judicial office of District Family Judge of the First Circuit are listed as follows in alphabetical order:

  • Michelle N. Comeau
  •  Tracy S. Fukui
  •  Clarissa Y. Malinao
  • Simeona L. L. A. Mariano
  • Dyan K. Mitsuyama
  • Courtney N. (Glaza) Naso
  • Andrew T. Park
  • Bryant G. F. Y. Zane

The Chief Justice has 30 days from his receipt of the list today to make his appointment.


  • Total Applicants:  29; 14 Females; 15 Males
  • Government Attorneys:  16
  • Private Attorneys:  12
  • Per Diem Judges:  6
  • Other Occupation:  1
  • Age Range:  2 (31-40); 15 (41-50); 9 (51-60); 3 (61-70)
  • Years Licensed Range:  9 years to 32 years

For more information, visit the Judicial Selection Commission webpage or contact the Commission via email at

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