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To Provide a Consultant to Develop and Implement a Statewide Strategic Planning Process and to Produce a Findings and Recommendations Report

Request for Proposals: NO. J12229

RFP to provide a consultant to assist the Judiciary to develop & implement a statewide strategic planning process and produce a findings and recommendations report .

Due Date: February 8, 2012, 4:30 p.m.  (amended)

Solicitation Packet
Addendum No. 1  dated 01/24/12
Addendum No. 2  dated 01/31/12

Offer Form

NOTE: If this solicitation document was downloaded through the internet, each applicant must register through email, providing contact information to the listed contact person in the Judiciary Contracts & Purchasing Office. Registration is essential for you to receive any addendums or other information for this solicitation. The Judiciary shall not be responsible for any missing addenda, clarifications, attachments or other information regarding this solicitation if an offer is submitted from an incomplete solicitation document.


General Conditions
Procedural Requirements
Hawaii Compliance Express
Publication 1 Information on Hawaii State Taxes
Tax Clearance Application
Certificate of Compliance

Instructions to vendors:   View and print all documents; follow all instructions; and pay particular attention to the significant dates in the special provisions. If you intend to bid on this solicitation, please email: & and provide the following information: Solicitation No., Name of Company, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, email Address and Contact Person. 

Questions relating to the technical aspects of this Request for Proposals may be directed to Christina Uebelein, Planning and Program Evaluation Administrator at (808) 538-4879, email other questions may be directed to Newton Sakamoto in the Contracts & Purchasing Office, at (808) 538-5805, FAX (808) 538-5802, email