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6. What if I have a duplicate license?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

A duplicate driver’s license is treated the same as a non-duplicate license for administrative driver’s license revocation purposes.  You are required to surrender your duplicate driver’s license to the law enforcement officer when you are arrested for OVUII.  If you do not surrender your duplicate driver’s license at the time of arrest, then you are required to surrender it to the ADLRO before a temporary driver’s permit and/or extension of temporary driver’s permit can be granted.

You are not allowed to drive with a duplicate driver’s license if your license has been revoked.  Surrendered licenses, whether duplicate or non-duplicate, will not be returned to you unless your driver’s license revocation is rescinded by the ADLRO.  (If a driver’s license revocation is “rescinded”, it means that the license is no longer revoked).  You may be subject to serious criminal penalties if you attempt to drive a vehicle with a duplicate driver’s license while your driver’s license is revoked.  See HRS 291E-62.  If you have been arrested for OVUII and you still have a duplicate driver’s license in your possession, you should immediately surrender it to the ADLRO.