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25. I was arrested for OVUII while driving my car, and my license was administratively revoked. Can I still drive my moped, motorcycle, or motor scooter?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

No.  When your driver’s license is administratively revoked for OVUII, all classes of driver’s licenses that you hold are revoked. Class (1) licenses are for mopeds, Class (2) licenses are for motorcycles and motor scooters, and Class (3) and Class (4) licenses are for cars and other vehicles.  If you are arrested for OVUII while driving a car under your Class (3) license, and you also hold Class (1) and/or Class (2) licenses, your privilege to drive under your Class (1) and/or Class (2) licenses is also revoked.  Thus you would not be permitted to drive any other type of vehicle, including a car, moped, motorcycle or motor scooter.