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16. Am I required to install an ignition interlock device?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

No.  It is only required if you want to drive during the license revocation period.  If you don’t want to drive during the license revocation period, then it is not required. 

If your license is revoked for OVUII and you want to be able to drive during the revocation period, then you need to install an approved ignition interlock device (IID), at your expense.  Once you have an approved IID installed, you can apply for an ignition interlock permit (IIP) that will allow you to drive that vehicle during the revocation period specified in the IIP. 

The IIP may be issued for the duration of your revocation period, or until your license expiration date, whichever comes first.  If your driver’s license expires during the revocation period, you may apply for an amended IIP after obtaining proof from DMV (Driver’s Licensing) that your driver’s license expiration date has been extended for IIP purposes. 

Required forms are available on this website.  You do not have to request a hearing to apply for an IIP.  Please use form # 3 to apply for an IIP.  Do not use form # 7, which is the application for an ignition interlock instruction permit (IIIP).

An IID is not required if you do not want to drive during the revocation period.  You may be subject to serious criminal penalties if you attempt to drive during the revocation period without a valid IIP, or if you have an IIP and attempt to drive a vehicle without an approved IID during the revocation period.  See HRS 291E-62.

If you are required to drive a vehicle for work, you may apply for an “Employee Driver’s Permit” (EDP), but it requires documentation from both you and your employer.  EDPs will not be issued for any vehicles requiring CDLs or category 4 driver’s licenses.  See question # 18 below.