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Judicial Selection Commission Member Archive

The Constitution of the State of Hawai`i, Article VI, Section 4 reads as follows:

Judicial Selection Commission – “There shall be a judicial selection commission that shall consist of nine members. The governor shall appoint two members to the commission. No more than one of the two members shall be a licensed attorney. The president of the Senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives shall each respectively appoint two members to the commission. The chief justice of the Supreme Court shall appoint one member to the commission. Members in good standing of the bar of the State shall elect two of their number to the commission in an election conducted by the Supreme Court or its delegate. No more than four members of the commission shall be licensed attorneys. At all times, at least one member of the commission shall be a resident of a county other than the City and County of Honolulu. The commission shall be selected and shall operate in a wholly nonpartisan manner. After the initial formation of the commission, elections and appointments to the commission shall be for staggered terms of six years each. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no member of the commission shall serve for more than six years on the commission. Each member of the judicial selection commission shall be a resident of the State and a citizen of the United States.” [Add Const Con 1978 and election Nov. 8, 1978; am SB2513 (1994) and SB2515 (1994) and election Nov 8, 1994]. The following list the current and past Judicial Selection Commission Members:

Commission Members: Term: Appointing/Electing
Kamani B. Kualaʻau 2021-2027 House Speaker Scott K. Saiki  
David B. McEwan 2021-2027 Governor David Ige  
Jeffrey S. Portnoy 2021-2024 Hawaiʻi State Bar Association  
Sulma Gandhi 2020-2021 Governor David Ige  
Francine Dudoit 2020-2026 Senate President Ronald D. Kouchi 2021-2023 Vice Chair
Nadine Y. Ando 2019-2025 Hawaiʻi State Bar Association 2021-2023 Chair

Dawn P.N. Mahi

2019-2025 Governor David Ige 2020-2023 Secretary

Richard A. Dubanoski

2019-2022 Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald 2020-2021, Vice Chair

Trudy Senda

2017-2023 Senate President Ronald D. Kouchi 2019-2020 Secretary
Paul Ueoka 2017-2023 House Speaker Joseph M. Souki  
Jackie Young 2017-2019 Governor David Ige 2017-2019 Chair
Richard A. Dubanoski 2016-2019 Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald  
Keith Hunter 2015-2020 Governor David Ige  
Bryan Kageyama 2015-2021 House Speaker Joseph M. Souki  
Ronette Kawakami 2015-2021 Hawai`i State Bar Association 2017-2019 Vice Chair; 2019-2021 Chair
Mike Middlesworth 2015-2020 Senate President Donna Mercado Kim 2017-2019 Secretary; 2019-2020 Vice Chair
Allan K. Ikawa 2014-2014 Senate President Donna Mercado Kim  
Walter S. Kirimitsu 2014-2017 House Speaker Joseph Souki 2015-2017 Secretary
Patricia Kim Park 2013-2017 Governor Neil Abercrombie  
Phyllis C. Horner 2013-2016 Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald  
James A. Kawachika 2013-2019 Hawai`i State Bar 2015-2017 Chair
Jackie Young 2013-2017 Senate President Donna Mercado Kim 2015-2017 Vice Chair
Doris M. Ching 2012-2015 Governor Neil Abercrombie 2013-2015 Chair
Annelle C. Amaral 2011-2012 Senate President Shan Tsutsui  
Jeffrey S. Portnoy 2011-2013 Gov. Neil Abercrombie  
Thomas R. Waters 2011-2014 House Speaker Calvin Say 2013-2014 Vice Chair
James J. Bickerton 2009-2015 Hawai`i State Bar 2014-2015 Vice Chair
Albert Y. Kanno 2009-2015 House Speaker Calvin Say 2011-2015 Secretary
Lloyd M. Yonenaka 2009-2011 Governor Linda Lingle 2009-2011 Secretary
George M. Masuoka 2008-2014 Senate President Colleen Hanabusa 2011-2013 Vice Chair
Susan M. Ichinose 2007-2013 Hawai`i State Bar 2011-2013 Chair, 2009-2011 Vice Chair
Frederick T. Okumura 2007-2013 Chief Justice Ronald Moon  
Shelton G.W. Jim On 2005-2011 Governor Linda Lingle 2009-2011 Secretary
Ralph R. LaFountaine 2005-2011 House Speaker Calvin Say  
Sheri N. Sakamoto 2005-2011 Senate President Robert Bunda 2009-2011 Chair
Wesley Imamura 2005-2005 Senate President Robert Bunda  
Rosemary T. Fazio 2003-2009 Hawai`i State Bar 2007-09 Chair, 2005-2007 Vice Chair, 2003-2005 Secretary 
Thomas Fujikawa 2003-2009 House Speaker Calvin Say  
Philip D. Hellreich 2003-2009 Governor Linda Lingle 2007-2009 Vice Chair
Melvin I. Chiba 2002-2008 Senate President Robert Bunda 2005-2007 Chair, 2003-2005 Vice Chair
Sidney K. Ayabe 2001-2007 Hawai`i State Bar 2003-2005 Chair
Lois M. Suzawa 2001-2007 Chief Justice Ronald Moon 2005-2007 Secretary
Amy Agbayani 2000-2003 Governor Benjamin Cayetano 2001-2003 Chair
John S. Edmunds 1999-2005 Senate President Norman Mizuguchi 2001-2003 Vice Chair
Arthur Y. Park 1999-2005 Governor Benjamin Cayetano 2001-2003 Secretary
Lionel Y. Tokioka 1999-2005 House Speaker Calvin Say  
James Kawashima 1997-2003 Hawai`i State Bar  
Max J. Sword 1997-2003 House Speaker Joseph Souki 2000-2001 Vice Chair, 1999-2000 Secretary
Wayne Matsuo 1997-1999 Governor Benjamin Cayetano 1999-2000 Chair
Gary Rodrigues 1996-2002 Senate President Norman Mizuguchi  
Gary Mijo 1995-1996 Governor Benjamin Cayetano  
Christine Camacho 1995-2001 Chief Justice Ronald Moon 2000-2001 Secretary
David L. Fairbanks 1995-2001 Hawai`i State Bar 2000-2001 Chair,1999-2000 Vice Chair

The Constitution of the State of Hawaii, Article XV111, Section 18.5 reads as follows:

Judiciary: transition; effective date – “The three members initially appointed to the judicial selection commission by the governor shall serve for terms of two, four and six years respectively. The members initially appointed to the commission by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall serve for two years. The two members initially appointed to the commission by the chief justice of the Supreme Court shall serve terms of four and six years respectively. The two members initially elected to the commission by the members of the bar of the State shall serve for terms of four and six years respectively.” [Add Const Con 1978 and election Nov. 7, 1978]

Commission Members: Term:    Appointing/Electing
Bina Chun 1993-1999 Senate President Norman Mizuguchi  
B. Martin Luna 1993-1999 House Speaker Joseph Souki 1997-1999 Chair
Lynne Kaneshiro 1993-1999 Governor John Waihee 1993-1999 Vice Chair
Dorothy K. Ching 1991-1997 Chief Justice Herman Lum 1993-1995 Vice Chair
William A. Harrison 1991-1997 Gov. John Waihee 1993-1995 Chair
Raymond J. Tam 1991-1997 Hawai`i State Bar  
Ellen Colburn-Rohn 1989-1995 Chief Justice Herman Lum 1991-1993 Vice Chair
C. Michael Hare 1989-1995 Hawai`i State Bar 1991-1993 Chair
Shigeo Iwamoto 1989-1995 Governor John Waihee 1991-1993 Secretary
Gerard A. Jervis 1987-1993 Senate President Richard Wong 1989-1991 Chair, 1987-1989 Secretary
Howard Mukai 1987-1993 Governor John Waihee 1989-1991 Vice Chair
Tommy Trask 1987-1993 House Speaker  
Raymond J.Tam 1987-1991 Hawai`i State Bar 1989-1991 Secretary
Bert A. Kobayashi, Jr. 1985-1991 Governor George Ariyoshi 1987-1989 Chair
Harold Lau 1985-1991 Chief Justice Herman Lum  
Warren Price, III 1985-1987 Hawai`i State Bar 1985-1987 Secretary
Kenneth Matsuura 1984-1987 House Speaker Henry Peters  
Momi Cazimero 1983-1989 Chief Justice Herman Lum 1985-1989 Vice Chair, 1983-85 Secretary
William Fleming 1983-1989 Hawai`i State Bar  
James Takushi 1983-1989 Governor George Ariyoshi  
Harold Lau 1982-1985 Chief Justice William Richardson  
Thomas Enomoto 1981-1984 House Speaker Henry Peters 1985-1987 Vice Chair
Claudio Suyat 1981-1987 Governor George Ariyoshi 1981-1983 Chair, 1979-1981 Vice Chair
Lawrence Okinaga 1981-1987 Senate President Richard Wong 1985-1987 Chair
Alfred Wong 1979-1985 Governor George Ariyoshi 1983-1985 Chair
James E.T. Koshiba 1979-1985 Hawai`i State Bar 1979-1981 Chair
Joan Brown 1979-1983 Governor George Ariyoshi 1979-1983 Secretary
Herbert C. Cornuelle 1979-1983 Chief Justice William Richardson  
William Fleming 1979-1983 Hawai`i State Bar  
Henry T. Miyamoto 1979-1982 Chief Justice William Richardson  
Claudio Suyat 1979-1981 Governor George Ariyoshi  
Lawrence Okinaga 1979-1981 Senate President Richard Wong  
Leonard Hoshijo 1979-1981 House Speaker James Wakatsuki