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Circuit Court Programs

Additional services are provided by the Circuit Courts through a variety of programs, including the following:

Jury Pool

The Jury Pool is responsible for all functions of jury operations from development of the master list to payment for service. Nearly 40,000 individuals are contacted annually as prospective jurors. The master juror list is compiled from lists of registered voters, licensed drivers, and state income tax payers. After initial screening, jurors are selected as needed. They may be called to serve on either grand juries or regular trial juries. Information for persons summoned for jury duty are available on-line in our Jury Service section.

Legal Documents

Cases to be filed in Circuit Court are presented to the Legal Documents section. This program is responsible for the filing, processing, and maintenance of all court documents and records for the First Circuit Court, including Family Court matters. See resources available on-line in our Legal References section.

Adult Probation Division

The Adult Probation Division prepares pre-sentence and other investigative reports ordered by the Criminal Division and supervises defendants placed on probation, deferred status, or conditional release.

Court Reporters

The Court Reporters program coordinates and provides court reporting services for all trials in the Circuit Courts.

Records Management

The First Circuit Court administers the Records Management program for all Circuit Courts and Family Courts. See resources available on-line in our Legal References section.

Contact the Circuit Courts

For more information about services offered in the Circuit Courts, please contact an office on your island: