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FAQ Group: Remote Hearings via Videoconference

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1. What is a remote court hearing?

Posted on Jun 2, 2020 in

A remote court hearing means that you and the other participants may be participating from somewhere other than the courtroom using videoconferencing. The judge and court staff will be in... read more

If the court has not already given you a hearing date and instructions on how to participate, it will contact you. You will be informed on whether to appear in-person,... read more

Yes, the court will notify you if you are scheduled to appear at a hearing remotely and will send you instructions on how to do it. The court will contact... read more

Contact the court staff as soon as possible to let them know. They may be able to help by rescheduling your hearing or by making other accommodations as appropriate. Contact... read more

Details on about how to participate in your remote hearing and whether it will be by Cisco WebEx or Zoom, will be provided to you by the court before the... read more

If you need an interpreter or other accommodation for your hearing, you must let the court know in advance so arrangements can be made. Request an Accommodation During the hearing,... read more

When you first join, you may be placed in a virtual “waiting room” before the court is ready to move you to the “hearing room” for your case. If using... read more

Fully charge your device before the hearing begins and keep it plugged into the charger, if possible. If you sense that you are running out of data or battery, let... read more

Yes, here are some tips on how to make the most of your remote hearing participation: Before the meeting Download the Cisco Webex or Zoom App and test the equipment... read more

If you are scheduled for an in-person hearing but prefer to appear remotely, contact the court no less than two business days before your hearing date. You should double-check that... read more