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7. What should I expect during the remote hearing?

Posted on Jun 2, 2020 in
  • When you first join, you may be placed in a virtual “waiting room” before the court is ready to move you to the “hearing room” for your case. If using Zoom, the court can send you a message while in the “waiting room,” but other participants will not be able to see or contact you.
  • When you are moved to the “hearing room,” you will see the judge and other parties on your screen. The judge will make sure you can hear and be heard, and will explain the rules of the remote hearing. If at any time you cannot hear the court or other parties when they speak, immediately let the court know.
  • Your hearing is live and will be recorded. Everyone will hear what you say. Place yourself on “mute” when not speaking, and listen carefully to the court’s instructions.
  • When your hearing is complete and if using Zoom, the court may place you in a “breakout room” for court staff to speak to you about your case before you leave the remote hearing.