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Going to Trial

If the case is set for trial, the State is pressing charges against the violator, not you. But you are an important witness for the case and you will be subpoenaed to appear as a witness for the State. A Victim/Witness counselor from the Prosecutor’s Office will be assisting you through the process.

Violators who plead guilty or who are convicted may be sentenced to 48 hours in jail for the first temporary restraining order violation and 30 days in jail for subsequent violations. The judge may also order violence control counseling, substance abuse assessment and/or place the defendant on probation.

If you need information or have questions about what to expect, call the Victim/Witness Assistance Division of the Prosecutor’s Office:

  • O`ahu – (808) 768-7401
  • Maui – (808) 270-7695
  • Hawai`i – Hilo: (808) 934-3306 Kona: (808) 322-2552
  • Kaua`i – (808) 241-1898