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Parole Graduation Ceremony Honors the Parolees and the Team that Supported Them

Posted on Nov 15, 2013 in Press Releases

The Annual Parole Completion Ceremony was held November 14 at 6:00pm at the Hawaii State Supreme Court Ali`iolani Hale. The Hawaii Friends of Justice & Civic Education recognized the hard work of the men and women who have successfully completed parole.

“These individuals have worked hard to earn a second chance and we want them to know we recognize and applaud their efforts as they reintegrate back into the community,” said Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald.

The Hawaii Friends of Justice & Civic Education also honored five individuals for their integral role in helping people succeed in the criminal justice system. One of the five people recognized was State Circuit Court Judge Steve Alm. He received the Judicial Innovation Award for the probation system he developed Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement program, also known as HOPE.

The HOPE program, which he began in 2004, is now recognized internationally and nationally as a model that successfully deters crime and substance abuse through fairness, discipline and compassion. The HOPE probation helps people to succeed by reducing crime, reducing substance abuse and reducing recidivism.

“We’re all human beings,” said Judge Alm in his HOPE courtroom earlier today to his probationers. “We all make mistakes, but it’s about owning up to them and taking responsibility, that will lead to real change.”

Four other people were recognized tonight, along with Judge Alm, for their work with parolees:

  • Restorative Justice Prison Award- Ted Sakai, Director of Public Safety
  • Prison Aftercare Support by Formerly Incarcerated People Award- Frank Garcia, Business Owner, Aiea
  • The Russ Takaki Restorative Parole Office Award- Reginald Une, Parole Officer and Supervisor, Hilo
  • Restorative Justice Community Award- Matthew Taufetee, Life After Prison Director

For media interested in learning more about the HOPE program, please contact our Communications and Community Relations department at 539-4914.

For more information, contact the Communications and Community Relations Office at 808-539-4909 or via email at

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