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Applicants Wanted for Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program and Disciplinary Boards

Posted on Apr 6, 2010 in Press Releases

The Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program Board and Disciplinary Board have openings on their respective boards.  General qualifications include sound judgment, affirmative interest in the organization, and willingness and ability to perform necessary duties, including learning the procedures, methods and functions of the organization.

The positions are not compensated.

Applicants from all islands are invited to apply.  Travel expenses incurred by neighbor island members to attend meetings on Oahu will be reimbursed.

The duties of a board member of the Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program:  Adopts policies and procedures to carry out objectives of the program, which was established to assist (in the form of education, guidance, emotional support and monitoring of treatment) attorneys and judges who suffer from substance abuse, stress or other problems affecting their professional performance.

Term:  Three years beginning July 1
Board positions to be filled: three, including a judge and two attorneys.

The duties of a board member of the Disciplinary Board: Governs the Office of Disciplinary Counsel which investigates alleged grounds for discipline or incapacity of attorneys; recommends appropriate action to effectuate the purposes of the Disciplinary Rules.  Other qualifications include experience in specialized areas that will aid in evaluating and analysis of complaints and recommendations for discipline.

Term:  Three years beginning July 1
Board positions to be filled: six, including both attorneys and non-attorneys.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2010.  Those interested in serving should submit a resume and letter to:

Gayle J. Lau, Acting Chair Nominating Committee, Supreme Court of Hawaii
P.O. Box 26436
Honolulu, HI 96825-6436

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For more information, contact the Communications and Community Relations Office at 808-539-4909 or via email at

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