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Jurist of the Year and Employees Honored

Posted on Oct 3, 2014 in Featured News

Judge Senda Awarded Jurist of the Year

Trudy Senda, deputy chief judge of the District Court of the Fifth Circuit, was chosen by Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald as the 2014 Jurist of the Year and received the award at a ceremony held October 3 in the Hawaii Supreme Court courtroom.

The Jurist of the Year is selected for exceptional judicial competence evidenced by decisional quality, significant extra-judicial contributions to the administration of justice, and active participation in public service to the community at large.

In addition to being an outstanding trial judge presiding over both criminal and civil cases, Judge Senda has been a leader statewide in addressing important issues of judicial administration. She has helped guide the rollout of the JIMS electronic case management system in district court, and contributed greatly as a member of the Judiciary’s Strategic Planning Committee to develop a clear vision for the Judiciary’s future.

As a member of the Access to Justice Commission, Judge Senda has been a leader in increasing access to justice and in enhancing the administration of justice in the state courts. She was instrumental in the opening of the Judiciary’s Self-Help Center on Kauai, where volunteer attorneys provide legal information to individuals who are representing themselves in civil legal cases. The Kauai center was the first such center to open in the state. Since its opening in 2011, more than 1,000 people have been assisted there.

In addition to the presentation of the Jurist of the Year award, the Hawaii State Judiciary recognized employees who have distinguished themselves through exceptional accomplishments achieved as an individual as a member of a team with a Meritorious, Spirit of the Judiciary, or Certificate of Commendation Award.

The awards presented at this year’s ceremony and the recipients of those awards are:

Meritorious Service Award: Joanne Krippaehne, CIP Branch, Budget & Statistics Division, Policy & Planning Department, Administration; and Alison Hanamoto, ICA Staff Attorney’s Office, Office of the Chief Judge, Intermediate Court of Appeals

Group Meritorious Service Award: Kaua`i Drug Court, Fifth Circuit: Tammy Kakutani, Tori Ann Miyazaki, Vonn Ramos, Martin Steinhaus, and Jennifer Tone

Spirit of the Judiciary Award: Selma Iha, Judicial Services Branch, Family Court, First Circuit; Kim Cuadro, Special Services Branch, Client Services Division, Second Circuit; and M. Ululani Johnasen; Legal Documents Section, Hilo Support & Operations Branch, Third Circuit

Certificate of Commendation: Edwin Nishimoto, IT & Systems Department, IT & Communications Division, Administration; Craig Hirayasu, Domestic Violence Section, Adult Client Services Branch, Client Services Division, Second Circuit; and Jayson Taniguchi, Personnel/Computer Support Branch, Administrative Services Division, Fifth Circuit

Group Certificate of Commendation: Ka`ahumanu Flood Team: Gerald Chung, Ricardo DeGuzman, Sunny Freitas, Mark Fujishige, Sonny Lim, Victor Liu, Colleen Masaki, Glenn Murakami, Andrew Nansen, Arnold Nishiki, Elsa Ornellas, Joshua Pi, Wayne Taniguchi, Todd Unten and Kesha Wing

More Awardees of Courts of Appeal and Administration Ceremony

Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald congratulates four of the Judiciary’s Incentive Award winners. Pictured from left to right are:
Meritorious Service Award winner Joanne Krippaehne; and Spirit of the Judiciary Awardees: Kim Cuadro, M. Ululani Johnasen and Selma Iha.