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New Employee Foundations Program Launches in First Circuit

Posted on Mar 3, 2020 in Featured News, News & Reports
Large group of men and women posing in courtroom

From left: Court Operations Specialist and Foundations Program Facilitator Karol Sakumoto, Kolin Mabe, Alexander Moser, Shalden Cardano, Shantelle Aglanao, Edward Bumanglag, Shawn Roche, Yaira Beras, Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald, Carmen Soria, Jacqueline Camerino (front), Anjelica Barker (back), Court Operations Specialist and Foundations Program Facilitator Mark Santoki, Jason Dayuha, Gregory Hall, Deputy Administrative Director of Courts Brandon Kimura, and Administrative Director of Courts Rodney Maile.

The First Circuit Foundations Program held its first monthly session on Friday, February 21. Twelve new Judiciary employees completed an ambitious all-day agenda, including walking tours of court facilities, review of the Judiciary’s departments and programs, and training on state ethics, harassment and bias prevention policies.

“Foundations” is a structured onboarding for new employees to become successful in their role and ensure that the Judiciary continues to carry out its mission. By attending Foundations, new hires will be introduced to the Judiciary, its culture, policies, and will be equipped with important tools and training.

Studies show that when employees engage in a structured onboarding process, they benefit from higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The organization also benefits from lower turnover, higher performance, and lower stress.

During the first Foundations session, participants worked in groups to find informational resources on the Judiciary’s internet and intranet websites, determined how the Judiciary mission statement applied to their specific jobs, and learned the difference between providing legal information and legal advice.

Throughout the day, they met with Judiciary administrators, including Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald, Administrative Director Rod Maile, Deputy Administrative Director Brandon Kimura, Chief Judge Mark Browning, and Chief Court Administrator Lori Okita.

Chief Justice Recktenwald emphasized to the new employees that integrity is a key value of our organization. Without integrity, the public cannot have trust and confidence in our justice system. Moreover, each and every Judiciary employee can make a meaningful contribution to the Judiciary’s mission by being courteous and respectful when interacting with court users.

Judiciary employees are the foundation of our organization. Without their hard work and expertise, the court could not effectively serve the public.

For more information on the First Circuit Foundations program, please contact Lauren Nagata at (808) 539-4889.