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DISCLAIMER: The ADLRO does not provide legal advice, and the answers provided in this FAQ are not intended to be legal advice.  The laws and policies governing OVUII and the administrative driver’s license revocation process are subject to change, and the information provided in this FAQ may not be current.  Furthermore, the information in this FAQ is intended to be general, and individual circumstances may be different.  Contact an attorney for legal advice with respect to your specific case.

1.   Q:   What is OVUII?

2.   Q:   I just got arrested for OVUII. What happens next?

3.   Q:  What is a temporary driver’s permit?

4.   Q:  What if I didn’t have my license at the time of arrest?

5.   Q: How can I extend my temporary driver’s permit beyond 30 days (or 44 days for drugs)?

6.   Q: What if I have a duplicate license?

7.   Q: How is the number of years of license revocation determined?

8.  Q: Am I required to have an ADLRO hearing?

8.1 Q. Where are hearings held on the Neighbor Islands?

8.2 Q. If I do not live in Hawaii, will I have to return to Hawai’i for the hearing?

9.  Q. How do I request an ADLRO hearing?

10. Q. Is there a fee for an ADLRO hearing?

11.  Q. What happens at an ADLRO hearing?

12.  Q. How are witnesses (including law enforcement officers) subpoenaed for an ADLRO hearing?

13. Q. How do I postpone my hearing?

14. Q. What happens if I am late or do not show up for my hearing?

15. Q. What if I do not speak English?

16. Q. Am I required to install an ignition interlock device?

17. Q. What do I need to submit to ADLRO to obtain an ignition interlock permit?

17.1 Q. Can I apply for an ignition interlock permit if my license is expired, suspended or revoked from another case?

17.2. Q. How much does an ignition interlock device (IID) cost? Is there a fee waiver for the IID?

17.3. Q. Can I use my ignition interlock permit to drive in another state if I go back to the mainland?

17.4  Q. If I have an ignition interlock permit (IIP) and buy a new vehicle, will I need to apply for a new IIP if I have the ignition interlock device (IID) installed in my new vehicle?