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How to Access Old Cases Using the New ID Format in eCourt Kokua (Click here to reveal content)

Posted on Jan 25, 2022 in

Very old migrated cases may have Case IDs comprised of 1 to 5-digits. To search in JIMS / JEFS / eCourt Kokua you must add the Circuit, Case Type and leading zeroes for a total of 12 alpha/numeric characters. Include a single numeric digit for the Circuit (1-First Circuit, 2-Second Circuit, 3-Third Circuit, 5-Fifth Circuit).

  • Example: 8 –> 1CU000000008, 12345 –> 1PC000012345

For other migrated cases, the entire Case ID up to 12 alpha/numeric characters must be entered, without hyphens, when searching by Case ID in JIMS / JEFS / eCourt Kokua.
Include the first numeric digit for the Circuit (1-First Circuit, 2-Second Circuit, 3-Third Circuit, 5-Fifth Circuit).

Note:  New two-digit Case Types in JIMS/JEFS are presented in the examples below. Land Court and Tax Appeal Court cases always begin with “1” such as 1LD or 1TX.

  • Criminal Case Examples
    CR-15-1-5678 –> 1PC151005678
    FCCR-15-1-1234 –> 2FC151001234
    1FCCR-16-1-2345 –> 1FC161002345
    3PC-15-1-123–> 3PC151000123
  • District Court Civil Case Examples
    RC-16-1-123 –> 1RC161000123
    SC-16-1-456 –> 2SC161000456
    SS-16-1-789 –> 2SS161000789
    SN-16-1-123 –> 3SN161000123
    SD-16-1-456 –> 5SD161000456
  • Circuit Court Civil Case Examples
    CIV-16-1-123 –> 1CC161000123
    SP-16-1-456 –> 2SP161000456
    ML-16-1-789 –> 3ML161000789
    SPP-16-1-123 –> 5PR161000123
    LAW-00-0-16384 –> 1LW000016384
  • Estate and Probate Case in Circuit Court Examples
    EQ-00-0-932 –> 1EQ000000932
    G-16-1-123 –> 2LG161000123
    P-16-1-456 –> 3LP161000456
    SE-16-1-789 –> 5SE161000789
    SG-16-1-123 –> 1SG161000123
    TR-16-1-456 –> 2TR161000456
    T-16-1-789 –> 3TS161000789
    C-16-1-123 –> 5CP161000123
    CG-16-1-456 –> 1CG161000456 
  • Land Court and Tax Appeal Court Case Examples
    LD-16-1-123 –> 1LD161000123
    TX-16-1-456 –> 1TX161000456 
  • Family Court Civil Case Examples
    Click here for First Circuit examples
    Click here for Third Circuit examples

CU-22-1-456 -> 2CU221000456 
UF-22-1-700 -> 2UF221000700  
AA-22-1-789 -> 2AA221000789  
PA-22-1-012 -> 5PA221000012 
DV-00-0-7128 -> 2DV000007128 
5CU20-1-3 -> 5CU201000003 
5DV21-1-111 -> 5DV211000111 

In JIMS/JEFS, Criminal cases created starting 01/23/17 and Civil cases created starting 10/07/19 can be searched by entering the full case ID with hyphens in the format of:

Circuit No (1 digit), Circuit / District / Family  indicator (1 character), Case Type (2 characters), dash, Year (2 digits), dash, sequence number (7 digits, you may omit leading zeroes)

  • Examples:
    1CPC-17-0000001 — 1CPC-17-0000001 or 1CPC-17-1
    1CCV-19-0000001 — 1CCV-19-0000001 or 1CCV-19-1
    1FDV-22-0000001 — 1FDV-22-0000001 or 1FDV-22-1